Hello Blog World!

So. After several years of believing that the principles of blogging were very silly and after several months of ferociously devouring other people’s blogs and dreaming about my own and what witty remarks I would put therein, I have succommed to the blogging world.

I will introduce myself as Kim, a student nurse at one of the province’s biggest (and, so they say, best) schools who lives in a largeish ciry in Ontario, Canada. I am quite recently married (October 7!!) to my highschool sweetheart – I’m sure someday I’ll post all about our story – AwwWwWwWw. I also recently took up knitting (recent as in last week) and have a few weeks off (of school, not work) until the New Year.

Welcome to all who know who I am IRL, and to those who know me from online!


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