Knitting …

As promised, here’s some pics of my current project.

Here is the scarf on my ever-so-beautiful carpet =):

Here’s a nice, blurry closeup of the scarf:

For this scarf, I cast on 28 stiches (I thought it would be nice and wide … oops!) and was meaning to knit moss stich (ie. k1, p1 for one row and then on the way back, p1, k1) but I ended up mistaking knit stiches for purl stiches and managed to knit my knits and purl my purls. Meaning I have 1 x 1 ribbing, and definitely NOT moss stich. Oh well!! This project is my first, and I’m sure I’ll have many more to show soon enough. The only problem is that I obtained a repetitive strain injury (read: tendonitis) at a job a few years ago, and it seems as though knitting is exacerbating it. Which is completely bummer, because I’m really enjoying knitting! I think that if I take it nice and slow, maybe I’ll work the tendons/muscles and the knitting will help? This is what I’m telling myself, at least for now! Note to self: learn to knit with minimal tension in right hand – don’t grip the needle so hard, idiot!

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  1. Brad


    Congratulations on joining the world of blogging. The site looks very good…someday soon I will make you a better…ahem original template.
    You missed a ‘t’ in stitch, but I love you anyways! Wuhoo first comment by yours truly.

    Love, DH

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