board games anyone?

So, DH and I borrowed a bunch of board games from some friends (thanks J and R!) last week for use with his little sister. We don’t normally have time to play board games together (nor do we really have any) but b/c I’m out of school right now, we did!

Thursday night we played Carcassonne. It’s a great game!! The rules are pretty simple, and DH and I were able to work fairly co-operatively and end up with this type of board:

Here’s a close-up of the board:

And our final score:

Muwahaha … I can’t believe I won by 4!!! Carazay!

Friday night we played Settlers of Catan. It’s a pretty popular game and all of our friends have it. It was a bit frustrating for DH – he’s not a huge fan of dice-rolling pure chance games. There’s a lot of strategy, but it’s still ultimately up to the dice. It was good fun though!!

Here’s our board:

Here’s a close-up of it:

Yep. A whole post about board games. Woo!!

On the work front, I called in sick on Friday. I couldn’t handle going in after my horrid SOB on Thursday. But I did go to see the doctor at occ health and she said not to be too worried about my respiratory issues + anxiety – that it’s completely normal to be very anxious when you can’t breathe =) She’s sending me for a full allergy panel work up, a methylcholine challenge, and a pulmonary function test. I’m quite interested to know how it all come back – I just learned about respiratory illness this past term (in fact, that’s one of the units my final is on … oh Monday exam) so now I understand all the tests and most of the respiratory problems.

Well it’s bed time – to church tomorrow morning, studying in the afternoon and some relaxing later in the day. Happy Sunday, all!

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