"Semi-Vacuum" and Other Technical Terms

Well. After a decent amount of housework (3 loads of laundry, 2 loads of dishes, and a cleaned-out-of-all-non-edible-leftovers fridge) and a glass of chocolate milk (I know. How much chocolate milk does this girl actually drink??), I am here to blog. And, seeing as it’s only 3:07, I’ve got enough time post-blogging to watch a movie and knit. This isn’t turning out to be a half-bad day at all!

So, Brad and I went to a Table Charm demonstration last night for a free 2-night hotel stay in “one of blah many cities in Canada.” Apparently our name was pulled in a draw at the wedding show (which was last January … hmmm). So anyways, we went. All we had to do for our free “vacation” was listen/watch a cookware demonstration. It was quite entertaining if nothing else.

I gotta say, not having had tv or commercials for the past 8 months has really opened my eyes to the ridiculousness of advertising. After “ooh-ing” and “ah-ing” us all (6 or 7 couples) with his live cooking demonstration (sprinkled with “Really, I’m not a chef!”s), we were required to watch a taped promotional video.

Give me a break – “Your food is cooking in a semi-vacuum” “The cookware has eight inner layers of special alloys to distribute the heat evenly.”


Special alloys?

Since when are *those* terms technical? I kid you not, DH and I giggled through the whole 5 minute video. The whole thing was a huge joke – except, of course, when the guy was discussing the harms in non-stick cookware.

WARNING: Do not read the next paragraph if you don’t like hearing about carcinogens!
***ASIDE: Did you know that the US is banning all non-stick everything in February 2007? Usually the US is the LAST to jump on the “ban something for your health” bandwagon, but right now, Canada’s digging in it’s heels and deciding that we’re a-okay with PFAO-induced cancers. Apparently, there’s warnings on all T-Fal cookware that leaving it on a warm burner will cause (WILL not MIGHT) toxic vapours that kill pet birds and cause flu-like symptoms in humans. Mmm-mm! Serve me up some of that T-Fal goodness!***

So, all fancy terms aside, we won’t be buying the $7000 10-peice set of cookware (yep, that’s it’s retail price, but we could get it for $3999!!!), but I must say that I’ll be trying some of their fancy techniques with our stuff and seeing if the special alloys and semi-vacuum of the ‘house down-payment expensive’ Table Charm stuff can be re-created with our ‘half a rent-cheque expensive’ Cuisinart brand. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Oh, and the special alloys? According to their product book, they’re all Aluminum =)


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One response to “"Semi-Vacuum" and Other Technical Terms

  1. bad_sector

    Great blog 🙂 i wasnt to pleased with the whole scam either. But i do admit, it was entertaining.

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