Allergic Rhinocerous

Before I start, I will apologize for it being so long since a post!! I really meant to update sooner, I just have been crazy busy! But enough excuses! We all know how much good those do.

I’ll start with an update on my health. I went for a crazy amount of testing on January 2, and was diagnosed with allergic rhinitis – apparently I’m allergic to mould (says the allergy tests) and I maybe-might-have-borderline-gray-area asthma (but the immunologist says that the pulmonary changes are more likely to do with the upper airway inflammation). When I was telling people at work, one guy overheard and said, “Allergic to rhinocerous?? It’s a good thing you live in Canada, then!!”

What does this mean to me?

1. The reason I touch my face a lot and rub the tip of my nose is cuz of my allergy!
2. I am currently taking a corticosteroid nasal spray to clear up the inflammation.
3. I still have eczema.
4. I can’t eat mould any more or let it grow unchecked around the apartment =(
5. The chemical at work was causing a worsening of my symptoms because it’s an irritant.
6. I have to wear a Darth Vader mask at work when I disinfect until the inflammation’s gone (“What is thy bidding, my master?”)
7. I don’t need to find a new job =)
8. The mould season this year is super long because of the not-so-hot summer and the prolonged damp weather – snow kills the mould … 11 degrees and rainy doesn’t do such a good job.
9. Not everyone’s nose is runny in the mornings – LOL I felt like such a tool when the doctor was discussing my symptoms and asked me, after I said I had a nose than ran about as much as everyone else’s, whether or not everyone else’s actually ran!! Apparently they don’t!
10. My childhood nosebleeds are one symptom of this problem – why it wasn’t diagnosed way back then is beyond me!

OOooh. Lists are fun!

School started on Wednesday. One of my tutors is crazy, one is wishy-washy, and one’s really nice. I’m sure there’ll be lots more on this later!

Here’s a pic of my hat!

When I finished it, it was about 2″ too short (I knew I should have listened to my gut!!) so I had to learn to pick up stiches from the cast-on edge and knit in the round with double-pointed needles (DPNs). It wasn’t too bad, overall, and I should have it done tonight – only maybe an hour or so of work!! Then on to ….

A hat for hubby made of this yarn:

It’s 75% wool and 25% alpaca and looks really nice to knit with – I’m planning to knit the whole thing in the round with my DPNs, so I’ll be able to make it as long as I like!! I think our little boy, Grissom, likes it too!


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