Bonjour, tout le monde!

C’est ma premiere poste pour 10 jours! Q’est-ce-que c’est? Je m’excuse, c’est l’ecole qui a m’attention! Ah, j’aime le francais!

So anyways, I’ve been gone a while again. I’ve started my new clinical placement on a psychiatric floor, and it’s quite fascinating! I’m definitely enjoying my learning experience. My tutor?? Not so much! BUT, she’s got a medical problem, and might have to go get surgery (recovery is 5 weeks), so we might actually get another tutor, which would make the experience that much better!!!

I finished the hat – but it’s kinda crappy! Because I picked up stiches on the cast-on edge and knit down, the bind off edge (which is apparently always tight) is at the bottom where it NEEDS to stretch the most, so it doesn’t stretch a whole lot and doens’t fit over my head very well. Oh well. Here’s a pic:

So, I’ve started Brad’s hat, but haven’t got very far – I haven’t had much time to work on it. It would probably only take me an evening or two though, so I really want to get it done! I’m having visions of needing more yarn though *cringe* I hope not cuz I bought it at a special yarn store when a friend took me, so I really don’t have much of a way to get there – and it’s expensive yarn. C’mon one ball!

Since I showed you all a pic of our little boy, Grissom, I’d like to show you our little girl, Lily:

Um … I’m trying to think of something interesting to write, and I’ve. Got. Nothing. Really, I’m trying to procrastinate from starting all my homework. Due to **, I’ve got to hand in two major assignments a week before they’re really due, and I need to start researching them in order to begin them. It just seems too early in the term to be starting 3000 word papers!! WHY??!?!?!? *sobs uncontrollably*

** MEXICO COUNTDOWN: 17 days! We’re going for my oldest sister’s wedding, and we’re getting really excited! Our passports should be arriving soon, we’ve bought our luggage, and I’ve gotta find some long-sleeved cotton or linen shirts so I don’t get horribly burnt while we’re there.


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