Yep! We’ve got it now!!

Can I just say that it’s quite difficult to balance the “not-a-target-for-a-rapist” head up walk (thanks for all those chain emails everyone … now I’m paranoid) with the “snow-blowing-in-my-face-and-in-my-eyes” head down walk. I’m so confused! LOL

Today we’re going to look at a house with some friend, D & C (maybe I should put C & D. D&Cs are sad.) We’re thinking of buying a place together, so we’re gonna start checking out some places in the area and see if we can find something that suits us!! Should be fun.



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2 responses to “Snow.

  1. David

    sorry, i’m ignorant. why are D&Cs sad?

  2. Kim

    =( D&C is a dilation and cerclage (or something close to that). It’s what they have to do if you have a miscarriage and not all of the fetal/placental bits are gone (they also routinely do them for abortions).

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