Mexico … So … Close!

We leave on the 3rd!!!! Yey!!!!!

I’m feeling soooooo overwhelmed by homework this week it’s unbelievable. I’m currently trying to write a paper whose purpose is to compare and contrast two nursing theories. Yep, nursing theories! In itself, this would not be too difficult, but we’re using a framework for the critique that is not very clearly laid out (surprise, surprise) so I’m a bit lost =(

No knitting to show. I’m making good progress on Brad’s hat, but I’m far too lazy today to get the camera out and post a pic!

Ummmm …. anything else? No? Perfect!



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2 responses to “Mexico … So … Close!

  1. David

    Mayne it’s… the… title… or maybe it’s Mexico but this post reminds me of William Shatner:

  2. Kim

    LOL – thanks for the good laugh, Dave!! I especially enjoyed the pic of Dr. Spock =) And since when were tribbles puppets?? I could’ve sworn they were real!

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