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Matthew 5 and 6

These two chapters are a part of what is referred to as Jesus’ teaching, “The Sermon on the Mount”. Herein is contained the Beatitudes, Jesus’ teachings on the Law (murder, adultery, divorce, oaths, enemies, and love), and also teachings on giving to the needy, prayer, fasting, treasures, and worry.

So yeah. Matthew 5 and 6 are pretty full-up of good teaching and great insight into how Jesus felt about lots of stuff.

Some things really popped out at me when I read these words today (I’m going to jump around here through the text, so please forgive me!):

1. Forgiveness. (6: 12, 14-15). Lots of people neglect to see the line in the Lord’s prayer “forgive us our sins, as we forgive those …” It’s explained just below the prayer itself – “if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also fogrive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.” It makes sense right? Why ask for forgiveness if you won’t forgive others?? Seems like a lesson to not be a hypocrite =)

2. Fasting. (6: 6-18). I need to hear this lots. Brad and I heard a guy talk about this in the summer at Kingdom Bound. Jesus doesn’t say “if you fast”, He says “when“. NOT IF, KIM! I generally do a fast of some type around Lent (the 40 days before the resurrection), but I don’t generally fast during the rest of the year. Hmmm …

3. Prayer. (6: 5- 7). Again, Jesus says “when you pray …”. Brad and I are very good about praying before meals, and also before we go to sleep. But I’m really bad about praying on my own. This is something I struggle with constantly – how to pray.

Brad and I heard a speaker (Ray Vanderlaan) a couple of weekends ago, and he spoke about how studying the context of the Bible is really important. He really challenged the way we follow Jesus. He asked us what we all thought ‘disciple’ meant, and of course, we all said ‘follower’. He proceeded to tell us the way that Jewish people define ‘disciple’. His words? Intense devotion. Intense devotion to becoming like the rabbi. Here’s an excerpt (a bit edited by moi) from here:

“… the Jewish disciple wanted to learn much more than how to think like the teacher or to know what the teacher knew. He wanted to become like the rabbi. … one of the questions asked of a disciple was ‘how covered with the dust of the rabbi are you?’ This was because a disciple would be so close to his rabbi, that wherever he walked, the dust of the rabbi would kick back onto him.”

Now that’s discipleship! Here in the West, discipleship means “becoming like Jesus”, but I don’t think we actually know HOW to do it! Because we’ve never been taught this type of devotion. Ray talked about how Jewish disciples wake up in the morning and ask themselves, “How can I be more like my rabbi today?” and when they go to bed they ask themselves, “What did I do today that was like my rabbi? How can I be more like him tomorrow?”

Wow. If Jesus is my rabbi like I claim He is, I’ve got a long way to go! I’m encouraged though. Normally I hear motivational speakers, get pumped up, and forget their words within a day or two. I’m still chewing on this guy’s words two weeks later – I think he’s on to something! Ray told us that Jewish disciples LIVE WITH their rabbi – so that they can’t help but become like him. Oh, how I wish I could live with Jesus. But you know the crazy thing? I can. I have the Bible, and all of his teachings are there.

Now, I’ve just got to open it up and dive in.


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Oh, the Passport Fiasco!

I don’t think I ever posted about the issues I had with the Passport people before I went to Mexico did I? Shall I share then? Great!

My parents booked my flight to Mexico in my married name (silly me assumed all the name-change stuff would be done by then!), so I needed to add my married surname to my passport. So, I looked up on the website what I needed (a letter stating that I want it added, what the new surname is, etc.) and some ID. SOOOooOOO, Brad and I go to the passport office (it’s quicker in person, and Brad needed to apply for the first time), hand our stuff in and leave. Easy peasy!!

Yeah, right.

So, a couple weeks later, I get my passport in the mail. I’m so excited that I open the envelope while on the phone with a friend, M. and completely stop mid-sentence.

“One sec.” Say I to M.
“What’s wrong?” Asks M., hearing the incredulity in my voice. Brad is hovering nearby.
“They put the wrong name on my passport.”
“What??!?” Ask Brad and M. simultaneously. I tell M. I’ll talk to her later and hang up, completely confused.

So apparently when you ADD a surname, they just stick a sticker in your passport that says, “The bearer’s married surname is (insert completely incorrect surname here)”.

“Hmmm.” Think I.

I go on their website. It doesn’t say anywhere what to do if your passport has the wrong info in it. I call Passport Canada. After waiting probably 15 minutes on hold, I am told that I’m just going to have to go back and talk to them at the office. I feel badly for that lady – I was NOT a happy camper!

So, this is Thursday, January 25. We leave on February 3. One week.

I go to the Passport office the next morning (before school, people!) and bypass the huge line and talk to the customer service lady like so:

“So, I got my passport yesterday.” PAUSE “It has the wrong name added to it.”
“I added my married name to my passport, received it yesterday and it has the wrong name in it.”
Passport Lady takes my passport.
“Yeah. I leave for Mexico in a week.”
“Oh dear.”
“Okay, let me check some stuff.” Passport Lady does some clickin’ on the keyboard. “It’s not even the right passport number!”
I sigh loudly. “Let me check something else,” click click click. “Well, everything was ENTERED right. Hmm! I’m going to go talk to someone.”
I wait impatiently.
“Okay, so here’s what we’re going to do. You’re going to have to fill out a new application …”
“Pardon?” I am not impressed.
“Yeah, a new one – they’re on the wall over there. (She points. Points!!!) You’re going to have to fill it all out again, but with your married name. But don’t worry, we’ll waive the guarantor section (gee, thanks! You mean I don’t have to go find a lawyer/doctor/clergyman/engineer who’s known me for over two years in the next 15 minutes? wow, how gracious of you!) but you *will* need a new photo.”
“A new photo.” Completely unimpressed.
“There’s a guy downstairs who does it.”
“And do *I* need to pay for this?”
“No, we’ll reimburse you. So, if you go do that, we can have it ready in two hours.”

So I go. With my application. To the photo guy. While the photo is developing I frantically try to fill out the passport application (who knows the address of their school off by heart? place of employment? two friends, their addresses and phone numbers? gah!!!).

The photo guy gives me the photos and politely (ever so politely) says:
“There’s a nice cafe just out there with tables.”
He’s trying to get rid of me. I cringe and try not to scream.
I finish filling out the application, with the help of Passport Lady who ends up having to look up my friends’ addresses and phone numbers online. I hand it in. It will be ready by the time I get back from school, I’m told. It was.

I got to Mexico fine, I got back fine. I thought that was the end of it.

Today I get a call, “Hi! This is the passport office. We’re just calling to let you know that there’s been a security warning issued for your passport.”
“Yeah. Apparently with everything that happened, the passport office didn’t like what we did. So we’re going to need your passport back.”
“Ummmm ….”
“We’re going to issue you a new one with your maiden name and a sticker for your married name.”
“So, what should have been done but wasn’t, right?”
“Yep! So …” Details, details. A security warning? My passport? What if this had happened while I was in Mexico?!?! I am assured that everything would have been fine.

Unbelievable, no?

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Announcing ….

Just a quick post to announce that my big sister is pregnant!!! WUHOO!!! She’s 11 weeks now, and she and her brand-new husband go to the doctor on Thursday to hear the heartbeat – so exciting!!!

Her blog has been added to my links (baby doe), so yey!!! Congratulations, Jenny and Shaun!!

I’m so ready to be an aunt it’s ridiculous. I’m blog stalking her 🙂

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Ooohhh, pretty counter!

If you scroll to the bottom of the bar at the right hand side of the page, you’ll see a pretty counter =) After me staring at the screen and scratching my head and wondering how on earth to figure out if anyone other than myself and a few known people read my blog, I decided I wanted a counter. So my lovely husband did it for me – wuhoo! I love being married to someone who knows how to make computers listen =)

So now that my wrist warmers are done, I’m ready to get back to Brad’s hat – we even went and bought yarn yesterday, which we then promptly left at his parents house. Sigh. We’re getting it on Monday night though, and I’m looking forward to getting that hat done!

I’ve added a few links to my favourite links – i spoke too soon and Crystal Clear.

Um. Wow. I really thought that I might actually have something to say, but it seems that I’m now drawing a blank.


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Picture website, new blog and TWO warm wrists!

Wow! What a busy day (well … busily getting things done, but not really BUSY … anyways …)

I got to sleep in, which was oh-so-nice =) And then, since Brad is busily working on homework (thumbs down to homework on reading week!) I got to fool-around on my computer all day! SOOOOOOOooo, I decided that since I do *not* write about nursing enough to justify naming my blog about it, I would change it 🙂 If you want, let me know how you like the new name and/or if you ever visit my blog by leaving a comment!!

Also new to the blog is a picture website that I organized today, hosted at dotphoto. It currently has lots of pictures from my wedding, my big sister’s wedding, and from our vacation in Mexico. It’s first on the links menu (see right), so click on there if you want to see pictures – just type ‘kimbrad’ as the guest password =) I hope you enjoy!

And, for the piece de la resistance, les wrist warmers!!!

For my first matching finished objects, they’re pretty darn good! They’re a bit big (I cast on 32 stiches, but I think I could easily have only done 28) and one is (I think) 2 – 4 rows longer, but even so, they’re great!! And they keep my hands nice and toasty!! Wuhoo! That’s three finished objects. THREE! Ha-ha-ha (*count laugh*). I finished the second one last night at about 11:30 or midnight, and I think I only spent about 3 or 4 hours total – so I think “one day wristwarmers” is actually pretty accurate! It probably took me around 9 – 10 hours instead of the projected 8, but I’m a new knitter, so that’s to be expected. When I find the pattern, I’ll post it =)

Well. I think that’s enough updating for today! Have a good evening, all!

Edited to add: … coolest picture ever! Check this out – my dad (on the far left) caught a SHARK while we were in Mexico!!! A shark!! And, if you’re a nature guru, it’s a bull shark, which means that it’s one of those sharks that likes to eat people. And it was in the boat with them. Alive. For like, 45 minutes. Alive. With it’s jaw flapping.

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Warm wrist.

Yep, just one warm wrist! But the other is soon-to-be warm!

Here’s a pic of my first official finished wrist warmer:

And here’s a pic of my finished one next to my I just-cast-on-yesterday-and-have-only-knit-one-round unfinished one:

It’s so satisfying to finish objects. Brad’s hat is calling to me and making me feel bad. I DON’T HAVE THE YARN, HAT!! GIVE IT UP! ONCE I GET MORE YARN, I WILL FINISH YOU! I PROMISE!


I’ve got school today from 12:30 – 3:30. I’ve realized that although the title of my blog would lead you to beleive I talk about nursing a lot, it’s rather misleading. Confidentiality laws what they are and all, it makes it kind of hard to post about my clinical days other than “it was interesting and I learned a lot.” Hrrmmph. Maybe the name needs to be changed to … The ‘L’ Stands for “Loser” or ‘K’ is the first letter in the word “knit”. Maybe I’ll leave it for now and come up with something witty later.

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Mexico pics anyone?

I don’t have the heart to show you what it looks like outside right now. We got DUMPED on last night!! There’s probably 2 feet of new snow on the ground – enough for them to close my school =)

SooOoo, as promised, here’s the best of the best from our trip to Mexico.

Here’s a pic of Brad’s and my feet on the soil in Cancun:

Here’s a Mayan Ruin:

Baby crocodiles sunning themselves at the Resort’s nature preserve:

Here’s the gazebo where my big sis got married:

And la piece de la resistance, the beach at Tulum (a Mayan ruin):

As you can see, it was stunningly gorgeous there! I’ll just let the pics speak for themselves.

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