Mexico, here we come!

So, it’s Friday! I’m not entirely sure how it managed to get here so quickly, but anyways, it’s here! Brad’s still cranking out school work that needs to be done before we leave and I, thankfully, finished both papers that needed to get done *sigh of relief* We go to my parent’s tonight in order to leave for the airport at 7:30 tomorrow morning (via a shuttle thinger. maybe a limo? I’m not too sure!). I’ll be bringing my lappy, so maybe I’ll sneak a pic or two onto the blog while we’re gone. We’ll be thinking of you all!! (I say that now … please don’t be offended if I forget as I’m sure the beach, pool, tours, and all-inclusive food and drinks will be demanding a LOT of my attention not to mention the wedding of my big sister!!! I can’t wait to welcome my soon-to-be brother-in-law into the family!)

BTW, for those of you interested in my knitting, I’ve put Brad’s hat on hold for the moment (can’t get more yarn, so it would be silly to take it with) and I’m going to be casting on for some wrist warmer for our far-too-cold apartment. Hopefully I can crank the two pairs out over the next week (the pattern says they’re ‘one day wristwarmers’ – we’ll see!!) I’m using a boring white/gray yarn – but it’s soft, so they should be uber-comfy.


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