"It’s doing bad things outside …"

Like snowing. Ugh.

Buenos Dias!! We arrived at Toronto Pearson at 8:00-ish last night from the lovely Cancun airport. We keep looking outside the apartment window expecting to see palm trees and ocean 😦 But, I shan’t complain, because we had a rockin’ time! The resort was incredible, the food and drinks were incredible, and my sister’s wedding was absolutely beautiful!! We were pleasantly surprised by how much we enjoyed ourselves. I mean, we were looking forward to it and everything, but we did NOT expect to have as great a time as we did! After being assured that the staff was paid well and that tourism is basically the ONLY thing supporting the ecomomy in the Cancun/Mayan Riviera area, we felt a lot better about everything. I will tell you, though, that the staff quite enjoyed asking us if, when we asked for water, we would like Mexican water (tequila) =) We brought a bottle home with us (thanks for the groomsmen gifts, J & S!) and are waiting for the opportune moment to relive some Mexico. My parents are already talking about getting together for margaritas and photos on my dad’s big screen (big. literally. the thing is like 8 or 9 feet across and rolls down from the ceiling.) with another couple that came. We are definitely looking forward to that!

So, back to the daily grind for us. I’ll post some pics (or maybe I’ll start a Flikr gallery – it’s easier!) so you can all see how beautiful it was =) Brad’s got a TONNE of homework (assignements, tests, midterms, papers, etc.) due this week, so that wasn’t very fun to come home to, but at least we had a lovely week of relaxing! We have also heard that we missed the WORST WEATHER EVER HERE, and that kids weren’t allowed to play outside for recess until Friday of last week – I guess my sis couldn’t have picked a better week! Woo wedding week in Mexico!

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