Mexico pics anyone?

I don’t have the heart to show you what it looks like outside right now. We got DUMPED on last night!! There’s probably 2 feet of new snow on the ground – enough for them to close my school =)

SooOoo, as promised, here’s the best of the best from our trip to Mexico.

Here’s a pic of Brad’s and my feet on the soil in Cancun:

Here’s a Mayan Ruin:

Baby crocodiles sunning themselves at the Resort’s nature preserve:

Here’s the gazebo where my big sis got married:

And la piece de la resistance, the beach at Tulum (a Mayan ruin):

As you can see, it was stunningly gorgeous there! I’ll just let the pics speak for themselves.


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One response to “Mexico pics anyone?

  1. David

    If you won’t post photos of snow then I will.

    Ha! Snow

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