Warm wrist.

Yep, just one warm wrist! But the other is soon-to-be warm!

Here’s a pic of my first official finished wrist warmer:

And here’s a pic of my finished one next to my I just-cast-on-yesterday-and-have-only-knit-one-round unfinished one:

It’s so satisfying to finish objects. Brad’s hat is calling to me and making me feel bad. I DON’T HAVE THE YARN, HAT!! GIVE IT UP! ONCE I GET MORE YARN, I WILL FINISH YOU! I PROMISE!


I’ve got school today from 12:30 – 3:30. I’ve realized that although the title of my blog would lead you to beleive I talk about nursing a lot, it’s rather misleading. Confidentiality laws what they are and all, it makes it kind of hard to post about my clinical days other than “it was interesting and I learned a lot.” Hrrmmph. Maybe the name needs to be changed to … The ‘L’ Stands for “Loser” or ‘K’ is the first letter in the word “knit”. Maybe I’ll leave it for now and come up with something witty later.


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