Picture website, new blog and TWO warm wrists!

Wow! What a busy day (well … busily getting things done, but not really BUSY … anyways …)

I got to sleep in, which was oh-so-nice =) And then, since Brad is busily working on homework (thumbs down to homework on reading week!) I got to fool-around on my computer all day! SOOOOOOOooo, I decided that since I do *not* write about nursing enough to justify naming my blog about it, I would change it 🙂 If you want, let me know how you like the new name and/or if you ever visit my blog by leaving a comment!!

Also new to the blog is a picture website that I organized today, hosted at dotphoto. It currently has lots of pictures from my wedding, my big sister’s wedding, and from our vacation in Mexico. It’s first on the links menu (see right), so click on there if you want to see pictures – just type ‘kimbrad’ as the guest password =) I hope you enjoy!

And, for the piece de la resistance, les wrist warmers!!!

For my first matching finished objects, they’re pretty darn good! They’re a bit big (I cast on 32 stiches, but I think I could easily have only done 28) and one is (I think) 2 – 4 rows longer, but even so, they’re great!! And they keep my hands nice and toasty!! Wuhoo! That’s three finished objects. THREE! Ha-ha-ha (*count laugh*). I finished the second one last night at about 11:30 or midnight, and I think I only spent about 3 or 4 hours total – so I think “one day wristwarmers” is actually pretty accurate! It probably took me around 9 – 10 hours instead of the projected 8, but I’m a new knitter, so that’s to be expected. When I find the pattern, I’ll post it =)

Well. I think that’s enough updating for today! Have a good evening, all!

Edited to add: … coolest picture ever! Check this out – my dad (on the far left) caught a SHARK while we were in Mexico!!! A shark!! And, if you’re a nature guru, it’s a bull shark, which means that it’s one of those sharks that likes to eat people. And it was in the boat with them. Alive. For like, 45 minutes. Alive. With it’s jaw flapping.


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