Dear Tutor,

Can you please just agree with something I say ONCE this term? Really, I’d just be happy if you didn’t openly disagree with everything I say. Perhaps just a silent disagreement without necessarily voicing it? *sigh*

I’m so ready for school to be done. This is my … *counts in head* 5th year of school, which, in my humble opinion, is 3-ish years too long already. I’m trying to keep my eyes on the prize though. Must. Make it. Must. Get. Degree.

On a brighter note, I got the yarn for Brad’s hat on Monday evening and I’m hoping to get back at it tonight at some point. I’ve got a test tomorrow and a 5% paper due, but I’m pretty well done the paper, and I’m not too concerned about the test, although I should go over some of it tonight. Maybe I can get in even a half hour of knitting. It’s bizzare – I actually miss it!

Here’s a pic my dad just sent me: snorkelling (snorkeling?) at Xpu Ha in Mexico (pronounced Shpoo-ha, not ex-poo-ha). I’m the one sitting down. No, not the man putting on the flipper, the one with her feet in the water. Brad’s standing behind me. We snorkelled (snorkeled?) at this cool place where an underground fresh-water river meets the salt water of the ocean. It was still really salty though. And cold.

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One response to “Dear Tutor,

  1. Fawndoe

    aww girl i feel your pain, i did a total of 6 years, but its sooo worth it!! and honestly, it’ll fly by so fast. looking back (5 years out of school) i can barely believe it & trust me, you’re going to MISS being a student. it doesn’t feel like it now, but you will 🙂

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