Dear Table Charm,

You may remember my husband and I from a few months ago. We attended one of your information meetings with the intent of not buying anything and coming away with a free vacation anyway.

First, I’d like to thank you for the very enjoyable night my husband and I had laughing at your advertising. It still provides us great entertainment to giggle about the terms “special alloys” and “semi-vacuum”.

Second, I’d like to thank you for alerting us to the evils of non-stick cookware and PFAOs. We have been fortunate to be able to eliminate their use in our home, and were also fortunate enough to be able to do that without having to buy your cookware. This is fortunate as we would not have been able to afford rent, groceries, bus tickets, and tuition had we done so.

Third, I’d like to thank you for the great cooking tips! Although you assured us that we would be unable to achieve the same results in ‘inferior’ cooking systems, we are grateful that we did not take your word for it. We now only cook our meats using you ‘semi-vacuum’ technique. It’s quite incredible – we get the exact same results with our current cookware! We are also using the ‘stack cooking’ method and it works just the same with our pots and pans.

Fourth, thanks for the free vacation! We’re really looking forward to using our gift certificate in the near future.

Sincerely, a satisfied non-customer,



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40 responses to “Dear Table Charm,

  1. Brad

    I disagree with the exact same results DW. The food that you cook is better by a lot. And we can pay rent again ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Clarice

    Hi, I got a all for this Table Charm thing too. Did you guys really get a free vacation? and was it with a company called spirit vacations or something? where you have to send them $50 US by mail and they return it back once ur back from your vaca?

  3. bad_sector

    hey guys, i just rolled in the door from the presentation, happy to say i didnt buy anything but not so happy with the “free” vacation i recieved. Did you guys also knotice that the $50 dollars you have to send in is only accepted in the form of an international money order, which cost you money to buy. Also the check in days can only be from sunday to wednesday. What a scam..

  4. Table.Charm.Sucks

    My fiancรฉ and I were unfortunately dumb enough to buy into the scam… along with every other couple that attended the presentation with us.

    The “unconditional” warranty… it’s conditional, just as all other cookware.

    We watched the DVD, read the manual, used the cookbook-food didn’t cook properly, stuck to the pans, and was nothing like the presentation (let me mention the presenter is also a professional chef).

    When the pots and pans were washed, they left marks, they didn’t clean easily, and it was just a nightmare. We even followed the directions word for word.

    I am warning EVERYBODY out there… do NOT buy into this SCAM! This cookware is disastrous and full of head aches. Save yourself from years of bankrupcy… and go back to your regular suppliers.

    Table Charm – your product SUCKS.

    Oh, and on another note… we never received our “free cruise” or bridal registry package that was promised.

  5. kassandra

    Thank You Table Charm.
    We got a call telling us we won a trip, yeah right we thought. After looking at thier web site I saw the china set my mom has had for years. She told me that she has had som replacements done and never had a problem.
    We went to the presntation to check it out. I was very impessed cooking with no oil or water. I go to the gym 3 times a week and are trying to be healthy. Dont want to cook on that T-fal stuff and weve been looking for good pots there hard to find and expensive. FH couldnt belive I wanted to spend $4000 on pots but he got big screen a couple of months ago.
    We got the set I love it worth every peny 50yr warranty, never buy pots, like that idea.
    Have a registry with Table charm to pay them off. We also got a cruise which I booked yesterday, cant wait for that.
    If you get a call from these guys you should realy go. There was 5 other couples and two of them bought something, the others got thier free stuff and left.
    Thank you Table charm and I cant wait to go on the cruise

    • Angela

      Hi, I just wanted to know: how is the product now? I noticed you posted this in 2008 and was wondering how the cruise was (what did you have to pay for?) and how the product is. My fiance and I purchased some pots and pans because they look like great products; reading up I found about half and half about scam/not scam, so I was wondering if you as a customer are happy 3 years later.
      Did I waste my money? Let me know because I can cancel the payments if I have.

  6. heywood

    Table Charm,

    I almost spent a millisecond to consider giving you the benefit of the doubt about your offer of a prize and whether or not you are the scam artists my intuition told me you might be . If it weren’t for search engines like google, i’d be a sorry sucker for your lame ass pots and pans. My cat’s hairballs are worth more to me than your feeble excuse to be in business. I’d love to express how I really feel, but my cat just made you a PRIZE. Please feel free to claim it with this authorization number: #$^*&%*^#@@!!!


    Heywood, and my cat.

  7. Spencer

    This is a scam….all the good comments on the internet are from the scammers themselves. The pans were pre oiled so they did not stick and they made us deal after deal as we were walking out just to try and get any money they could. Special payment plans, gimme a break. I realized this half way through the presentation. Its too bad people are gonna fall for this. The presentation was great and entertaining; however they train to gain your trust with facts and laughter. Do not even go. Actually, yes do go and see how convincing scammers can be. And as for the free trip, the brochure has no hotel names or companies. Just pictures and destinations with a number to call and send $50 to. If the trip is free why arnt the hotels available to call directly to make reservations. The $50 is just the last crack at getting money outta you.

  8. Eschap

    We just got our table charm stuff.
    It’s great, we are completely in love with it. I’m sorry, I understand that they are expensive. But we spend twice that on tv’s that only last ten years, ten times that on cars that only last five, and I don’t think it’s fair to cut down a product until you’ve actually tried it. I am very happy with my product. We haven’t registered the trips, but what ever, even if they aren’t perfect, they are free…. why complain about a free product?
    Anyway, I think offering free trips is a pretty savvy marketing idea and kudos to them for succeeding… and for creating a great product, one that saves me from having to buy brand new pots every 5 years.

  9. Drew

    hey guys.. me an my fiance just attended the table charm seminar 2day and yes we got a free trip!! all u have 2 do is sit through their lecture of how good the cookpots and stuff are. but there are all inclusive trips which are awesome, the airfair is not included how ever.

  10. Zara

    My fiance and I went to one of the presentations and what a lot of you are saying is correct, they make you laugh, try to gain your trust – and i wouldn’t be surprised if the pans were pre-oiled. I just feel that if it were not a scam why would they pressure you to purchase it right away, and what’s with all the price cuts? Anyway we bought the set but have been thinking about it after reading most of these reviews I just called to cancel my order. THANX everyone – even though there’s one good review the rest are bad…and that’s all I need.

  11. Tori

    I am going to this table charm thing tomorrow evening, thanks for everyones helpful comments. Ill be on guard. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. used

    We also fell into their trap. The food rarely cooks right and please make a note that there is NO RETURN POLICY. We had their crap briefly before we realized quickly what garbarge it was and we called to return the stuff and were told that someone would call us back. Three weeks later, no one had called. I called in again and had also emailed a few times. I was told that all they would do was take them back to inspect them but there was no return policy.

    So basically they have an iron clad contract that we signed so now we HAVE to pay them for their shitty product and there is nothing we can do about it.

    We’re going to try to sell the stuff on ebay or something. Hopefully someone else will be just as dumb as we were the first time around.

    Fck you, Table Charms. Fck you, very much.

  13. Heather

    I am Not Impressed with the cookware!
    I followed the instructions from the first moment I used it.
    The demonstrator told us that they would not stick, look tarnished or get scratched, and they all do, even on the outside, and I have been treating the with care.
    I am telling you the only thing that actually works properly it the small pot for cooking fresh vegetables otherwise do not let them suck you into buying the cookware.

  14. Copic

    My fiance just put a down payment on this. is it to late to cancel??? do you think. I didnt think it was a good idea but he kind of talked me into it.(my fiance)

    • kimschell

      I would get out of it if you can! You can use WAY less expensive stainless steel or wonderful cast-iron to do the same job ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Matt

    We just went last night to get our “free trip”. High pressure sales was the name of the game. I didn’t realize that my current cookware was killing me or that I might as well just throw out half my groceries every week ….hahahah. Needless to say we didn’t bite. After sitting through the two hour presentation I felt like hanging myself. We will see if the trip is worth anything after “Taxes and fees”.
    Thats two hours of my life I want back!

    • LaughingLeah

      Anyone actually book their trip and go? Worth the fees and taxes (what $ was that anyways?). Thanks! Seems to be the question of the day without much response…

      • Amber

        I tried to book my vacation as locally as I could and there were so many stipulations basically you have to go during the week, you have ti send the money order forst and it can take up to six months before you get a vacation date (which you dont have control over) and you have to make time to go when they tell you thewy have available. Not worth the hassle I ended up throwing mine out and paying for a hotel to make up the hassle to my fiance ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. jas

    My fiancee and I got a call and are suppose to go tomorrow… has anyone gone on the actual trips and how did it go? was it just the 50$ and airfare you had to pay or were there extra hidden costs??

  17. Zoe8


    I made the purchase… I’m feeling so nervous and sick after hearing what everyone is saying about the product. I am in Alberta and wonder if anyone has anything good to say about this product. The presentation was great but now that I’m home and reading that it’s a potential scam I’m scared. Please help and ease my mind or tell me to run away.

  18. Jel

    So i Just recieved a phone call saying i won a bridal package? it includes a choice of a 3 day 2 night vacation or free wedding bands.

    If i attend this presentation and dont buy anything do i still get the gift? and for the vacation package would that be airfare and hotel? Is this something to be excited about? PLease help?

  19. Bonnie

    I just came back from a Table Charms presentation and it all looked kosher to me. They prepared food right in front of us and allowed us all to sample it. There was none of these “high pressured” sales tactics that some others have posted about…. they made their presentation and then made themselves available for any questions. I think they made a good argument for the value of their products, which was really the whole point. Whether or not to buy was totally up to us. There was no scam involved…as our demonstrator put it “We cannot make you do anything you don’t want to do.”

  20. Jan

    My husband and I went to one of these presentations last year. I was very scepticle myself. I was very impressed with their presentation and my husband and i did purchase a package. It came with all the cookware and bakeware I will ever need. I’v been using the products for a year now and must say I love them. but there is a lot of maintenance to the products though. They dont work as well if you dont take care of them and you have to cook at a lower temperture but it still ends up cooking it faster. I do agree with some of the negative comments but still think it was worth it. so the negative things…. we were told we would get a 5 day cruise but my husband and I were very slow to the process. once we got our papers I did’nt read the fine print which said we had til october to register and I didn’t notice til december. But the nice thing was they phoned us and we still got a vacation package. I have just booked it and look foreward to going. We got a 3 day 2 night bahamas crusise out of palm bay florida, 2 night stay in ft lauterdale and 2 in orlando. Which we are goign to extent our stay as well. We get a free week rent a car, 100 in entertainmen money in orlando. But again here’s the catch, we had to deposit 800 dollars, already after paying 3000 for the pot set and a free trip ect ect. SO I have mixed emotions. I love the cookware/bakeware. My advice is… ONLY BUY IT IF YOU HAVE THE MONEY. If you do monthly payments… they tell you that you pay interest, and that the interest gets banked then you can redeem it for more product. but heres the thing there’s a fee of like 50 dollars a month that’s for doing monthly payments which they dont tell you. My husband and I paid it off right away so we didn’t have to worry about it. To sum it up yes there is a lot of negative things and positive things but you have to decide for yourself. Good luck… Peace

  21. Kim

    wow Im surprised here..I agree I wish I hadn’t paid that much for pots and pans but at the same time, I love them! I also love the knives that we received free with our set. The ones we had before were pieces of crap. Im not the best at cooking but my husband uses them everyday and nothing has burned. You just have to use medium heat and let it heat up before you start cooking. If I come home late he just puts the lid on the dish. Ive even burned my mouth before when i went to eat supper becuase it was still hot! But MY favorite thing about them is how easy they are to clean. I barely have to wash them and everything comes off never had to use a scrubber on these pots. i have no idea what someone else meant when they were scratched and tarnished (what?) As soon as I wash them I give them a quick wipe so theres no spots and they look could they be tarnished, and all im using is soap and water. I never read the book sooo maybe thats a good thing? And no im not a table charm representative (its pisses me off when ppl always assume that after a positive review!) im just stating how awesome they have been for us. But apparently they are not for everyone after reading these comments….

  22. amber

    Well, I went to a presentation on Friday just to get the free wedding rings. I am a new owner of JA Henckels cookware and the guy convinced me to buy the small package and continue to use my current stuff. Also they (TableCharm AKA Dinner4Two) word their claim to be BBB accredited and in Business for over 25 years and when I came home to check out their Better Business Bureau rating it states that they have been accredited only since March 2009. Also there are some unresolved complaints on file and it is only two locations our of dozens listed are accredited. Thankfully they are Canadian companies, but that doesn’t speak well for the Corporation as a whole. I have decided to cancel my order and stick with my current cookware (made out of the same material and cost 3,000 less). Royal Prestige cookware is a good quality product, just be aware of who you choose to purchase it from

  23. steve

    Me and my Fiance just went for the free trip (and also two free wedding bands) which after looking through this thread seems like a new thing. I think the guy convinced the other couple to spend 3000 on the set, which is really a shame. I would say to go, even if the vacation is a scam, the free rings with only 25 dollar shipping was a steal. Just make sure that whatever you do you don’t buy anything!! and they’ll try to make sure you do.

    • Amber

      Steve! How long have yoy been wearing your wedding rings? The ones I got looked rough and just plain not nice after two or three weeks. Lucky I wore mine as a regular ring(the free one didnt fir my emgagement ring) so we were bale to compare a brand new ring with one that was work every day for three weeks and I was very disappointed. As for the cruise I threw it out becuase there were so many hoops to jump through and we were told we would have to wait 3-6 months to get a date then we didnt have a choice of dates so it wasnt worth it…

  24. Kim

    Thanks for all the tid-bits. They just called me last night too and left a VM. Originally I was pretty excited to win something at the Bridal Fair that had just come into Edmonton, we did toss our names into all sorts of hats for free stuff. However, now I’m super sad that the Bridal Fair doesn’t weed out scam crap like this.

    Reminds me of Cutco. Evil.

    (and yes, I’d be warey of the positive comments on this page also. They seem well written and meant to encourage more attendance)

  25. Pat

    Earlier we received a call from a person explaining that my Fiancรฉ and I won this set of matching aprons AND a trip/rings/Harley-Davidson etc… After cutting her monologue short, I asked what this was all about to which she replied we only had to attend this presentation blah blah blah…

    I got her number and said I’d call her back. After Googling “The Truth on Table Charm”, this website came up. What a laugh, thanks everyone, I guess we’ll “save” two hours of our lives and skip this BS.

  26. Jessie

    This company sucks so bad. What a scam. We got sucked into buying the set of pots. We received them late and they were left on our doorstep in the rain. Come to find out the ups guy signed for them we didn’t. Also we did everything we were told to according to the directions with the first time use. Washing them etc. They didn’t work at all. We called and some guy told us we were cooking stuff wrong to try it again we did and guess what same thing crap pots and pans. So we wanted to return the set and contacted table charm numerous times with emails and phone calls. No one calls back until the end of November so 3 months of emails and calls then they decide to call us back. They mention that they are going to have someone come to our house and see what’s wrong with them etc. No one ever showed up or called. Now we are getting calls from the finance company saying they are taking us to court for non payment etc. Well sorry you douche bags were not paying for something that don’t work and we want to return them. It states on the back of the contract if the pots are received late you can return within a year etc well the finance company says that’s a lie. We have sent a complaint to the bbb and are waiting a reply. We will keep you posted. Don’t buy from these people they are horrible.

  27. Ashley

    Has anyone tried to claim the 2 “free” wedding bands? Any fine print there… We are going to a demo next week.. Have zero intention of buying cookware. But want the free rings if it’s legit.

    • Amber

      The rings are nice and good quality marterial but the finish comes off rather quickly. I complained and got a second set of different rings… same story

  28. Warren

    Well I have made a comment here a couple of times and they get removed. I work for the company and Kim must be a very angry person if she only wants to portray Table Charm as some evil thing and not let you get different point of view. That is a shame! Check us out on dinner4two and speak to people that are using our products and services. We offer cooking schools for previous customers and have a culinary team to answer questions. I’m sure this post will be deleted but Kim which is a pity because there are many people that would love our product and services but may not get a chance because someone else will make the decision for you by only giving you one side.

  29. kimschell

    Hahahaha! It makes me howl that this post is *still* receiving so many comments!

    Warren, please don’t flatter yourself that I’m selectively deleting your comments. If you’d bothered to look around this blog, you’d see that I migrated to another platform a long time ago and this blog is no longer functional. I occasionally come on and approve comments and reply – maybe once a year!

    I find it interesting that there are still many more negative comments than positive – and I never said the products didn’t work, simply that there were much less expensive ways to achieve the same results!

    • Warren

      Its not that I’m flattered that you finally didn’t delete my comment it’s more that I appreciate that you would let other comments on this feed that were from both sides of the fence. Everybody has thier opinion Kim. But the thousands of people that have our products do seem to disagree that our products do make a difference.
      I do appreciate you leaving this comment on now so that maybe people can make thier own decision. We take our business, products and service very seriously, and bend over backwards to satisfy our customer. Not everyone you can please, but we certainly try.

      As I had mentioned dinner4two on Facebook is where anyone can ask a question to people that have our products and are dealing with our service.

      In regards to you comment that there are many more negative than positive. It is a fact most people don’t go out thier way to post positive comments, but a lot of people like to vent on line and post negative even if they havnt had real experience. We have experienced many times a negative post has been posted before we recieve a call about the issue. The issue is resolved but it is never mentioned on line after the fact. If we were such bad guys we wouldn’t still be in business and growing strong, and getting so many referrals.

      I hope you leave this note on as well, as it would be the right thing to do!

      • Amber

        Warren, I do not hate dinner for two but the cookware is way over priced and the free stuff you give away is not of good quality or clear information so that leaves your company with he “guilty for association” label. Kim has just cause for her hatred for your company……Please be aware of this……. When giving out free rings, Harley Davidsons, or cruises for that matter be sure to explain the fine print…. You will gain credibility for this. I was going to work for ythe company but the ethical sales strategies didn’t float my boat…

  30. Warren

    I am surprised how fast the last comment came up so soon after I had posted? There are cookware more expensive than ours on the market. You get what you pay for.

    Amber we have a very low turn over of staff at Table Charm. Most people have been there for over 10 yrs some as long as 20 yrs. We did just have a new person start that decided this wasn’t what they wanted to do and if this is you I’m very surprised with you comment because at the staff meeting we had 2wks ago you saw how much we stress the fact that our customers understand everything that were doing. You saw how much we are adamant to make sure people are not misled and understand everything.

    The gifts we give out as explained … The rings have a shipping cost of $25 US a ring that is it the cost of the rig that could range from $220-$389 is covered.

    The Harley Davidson is a draw there is no cost at all to claim the prize.

    The Carnival cruise like all the other trips does not include airfare or taxes.

    If you you want to have a conversation with me, you can find me on Facebook at dinner4two or you can email me at

  31. kimschell

    Still surprising how many comments this post gets. I generally come here infrequently to approve comments in bulk and the main new comments on this blog (which I have said before is inactive and has been for a few years now!) are comments on this post. WordPress emails me when there are new comments to approve and often I ignore them for a while as I’m quite busy!

    I am also entertained at my depiction of being “angry”. My tone in the post was far from angry. Incredulous and entertained? Relieved? Perhaps ๐Ÿ™‚

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