Why, Wireton Willie, Why?

Actually, the title should be more like, “Why, (insert name of captive rodent who supposedly predicts the weather here), why?” in order to make it applicable to different geographic areas.

I had a recent epiphany at work along with some coworkers. (No, I didn’t eat the epiphany and coworkers, the epiphany occurred WITH them.) Anyways. So. Wireton Willie (or your rodent of choice) comes out on Groundhog Day. He either sees his shadow or doesn’t, and it means there’s either 6 more weeks of winter, or an early spring (and no, I’m not sure which is which).

Come along with me now.

So. When does spring normally come? April-ish, you say? Right-o.

Still with me?

So. The rodent of choice says 6 more weeks of winter. That would put winter lasting until … mid-March (February 2 + 6 weeks = mid-march). The rodent of choice says early spring. That means … mid-March?

Wait a second, you say. Either way he’s conservatively forecasting spring coming in mid-March?

That’s right. It’s all a hoax. *sigh* Why, Willie, why?


So. I’ve got news – I didn’t get into the summer program at my school. Which means I don’t get to graduate in December, I have to wait until April. Which means …

A big, red glass of self-pity, which, by the way, was simply delicious. It was meant to go with a movie (read: either ‘The Notebook’ – because I want to cry – or a high school movie such as ‘Ten Things I Hate About You’ or ‘Bring It On’ – because I want a pick-me-up). In the end, it went with a game of Settlers of Catan with some friends and NO movie, because one friend showed up late and by the time they left (about 15 minutes ago), it was too late for me to watch a movie. Cuz I work 12 hours tomorrow (starting at 0630). This glass of self-pity was also going to accompany some hard-core knitting on Brad’s hat. But, obviously, I’m not doing that, either. BUUUTT, I did take pics for you!!

Hat nestled in it’s little box (or rather, draping over it’s box, longing to be knit upon:

And a close up. It’s got about 3 inches of k1p1 ribbing and the rest is good ole’ stockinette. I’ve probably got one or two more inches to go before I start decreasing. Please forgive the bad lighting. There’s only so much my camera and apartment lighting can do. They apologize profusely.

P.S. If I’m not blogging, it’s because Facebook is vying for my attention. I can’t help it, really! People I’ve not seen for years upon years. It’s great.



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2 responses to “Why, Wireton Willie, Why?

  1. Fawndoe

    i’m so sorry you didn’t get into your program love 😦 i know thats really bummy news for you.
    *hugs you tight*b

  2. Brad

    My poor love!

    Epiphanies are good – no summer semester is bad!!!

    I like the red glass of self-pity. Silly late friends, eh! Let me know when you would like me to go get you a chick flick.

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