So! Excited!

Two people that I don’t even know commented on my blog =) How crazy is that? (And one’s from the UK, nonetheless!!!)

So …. drumroll please …. I bring you …. the hat.

I finished in on Wednesday night after work, but haven’t had the opportunity to take a pic of it or post about it, since I’ve been crazy busy. So yeah. It ended up being 104 stiches, 3 inches of k1p1 ribbing, and then about 4.5 – 5 inches of straight stockinette. The best part? It was actually really easy =) Brad says that it’s super comfy and keeps his head toasty warm. I’m looking forward to buying some of the same wool (in a fun colour, of course) and knitting myself the same one. I really enjoyed this project! And I think that it’s my favourite finished object so far.

And a view from the top – see how the decreasing worked it in a spiral? How cool is that??

My thanks to Laurie at Crazy Aunt Purl for helping me choose a “shoe number” =)

And here’s a token random picture. Taken of our toaster after I noticed that I had put our electric griddle a teensy bit too close to it’s plastic self. Sigh.

Bad news: it’s ugly now =( Good news: both the toaster and the knobs still work!!


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  1. Paul

    Three. (Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK).

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