I stand corrected.

There are now 3 (THREE!!!) comments from people I don’t even know. And two of them are from the UK (woo, Ireland!! My “heritage” is UK [mostly Irish] too!!! Although I’m fairly certain that Brad’s dutchness is rubbing off on me – I really like black licorice, stroop waffles, and sprinkles on my toast =).

I want to apologize in advance for what will likely be an un-post-heavy few weeks. I’m finishing up with all of my final assignments (and evaluations – gag), and of course working, so I’m a bit busy for the next bit. I will say, though, that I’m reading a book entitled, “Our Media, Not Theirs” and it’s quite interesting. Expect a book review on that one soon. (By soon, I mean not in the next few weeks.)

Ummmm … what else is up with me? Brad and I just watched ‘Babel’ – what an interesting film. For those of you who have not seen it, I would definitely recommend it to the discerning viewer. My mom hit it on the nail when she described it to me as having a Crash- or American Beauty-esque nature. I completely concur, mom!

So, that said, I’ve decided that I’m awfully silly when on the weekend I go to bed later than normal and then complain about feeling tired. Normally I go to bed around 10:30 and get up at 5:45. On Saturdays, I tend to go to bed no earlier than midnight (normally later) and get up at 8:00. If you do the math, I’m not actually getting any more sleep than normal – but the later time makes me *think* I’m sleeping in. So I’ve decided to go to bed at 10:30 tonight, as I have to get up at 7:30 tomorrow. I’m going with Brad’s little sister to a GEMS event tomorrow morning (9AM – honestly people, why?!?). I’m looking forward to going =) So that means that it’s bedtime for me. Goodnight all!



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4 responses to “I stand corrected.

  1. Ryanne Marmaro

    I didn’t like Babel nearly as much as I liked Crash, especially because of the way the place in time flip-flopped back and forth.

    But then, I am a huge Crash fan, so perhaps I’m just biased.

  2. Kim

    Ryanne, yey you read my blog!!! LOL (I’m such a sucker for commenters!!)

    I agree with you – I l-o-v-e-d Crash, but I definitely didn’t love Babel. It was good, but yeah, I hands-down preferred Crash.

  3. Jessica Morris

    haha, totally with you on loving the comments!! Did you see the counter on my blog? On the right hand side under the pictures in the third column? That site offers free counters… though I think it just changed, it’s now telling me where my three most recent visitors came from, not how many I’ve had in total, which it was doing up until yesterday… weird. Anyways, just thought I’d let you know about it!

  4. Kim

    thanks Jessica – I’ve actually got a counter on mine too – on the right side at the bottom of the column. It tells me how many visitors too =) I need to comment more on other people’s blogs though, so they’ll want to comment on mine 😉

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