School = done.

Almost. I’ve just got one day of clinical and then one going out for lunch. So it’s basically over – WUHOO!!!

I can’t believe it’s been over a week since I last posted. I’m being full of myself thinking that maybe someone missed my postings, but I’m not holding my breath! The last week has been crazy-busy what with horrible long papers and final evaluations (self-evaluations, no less!). But it’s over, and now I’m looking forward to a 5 month summer break =) Definitely looking forward to that. Although I’ll be working, I won’t be doing both at once, which means that life will slow down to a good pace. Mmmmm….lazy summer days are almost here again!

So tonight I made dinner:

The recipe’s called ‘Mushroom Hunter’s Pork Chops’ except tonight’s was made sans-mushrooms since I didn’t have any and I was too lazy to walk to the store. Actually, I wasn’t too lazy, I was too busy making…

Brownies. And muffins. That’s right people, I got all domesticated-y. I made like, 25 brownies and 24 muffins (12 carrot, 12 oatmeal chocolate chip). I offered to bring snack to CommonGround tonight, and they appeared to be a hit! We talked tonight about the spiritual discipline of Study – and not just of Bible study, but of others things as well, like other books, nature, people, etc. It was a very informative talk, and I hope that I can discipline myself to apply the ideas to my life =)

I’ve been thinking for weeks about the movie Office Space, so Brad and I decided to buy it:

($16.99 @ Music World, and, as you can see, it’s the Special Edition – With Flair!) We got together with a couple friends to watch it, and I just love that movie! It’s so classic!

Expect a more serious, reflective post later in the week. This week is Holy Week in the Christian calendar, as it leads up to Christ’s crucifixion. I’m so thankful though, that my faith doesn’t end with His death …



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3 responses to “School = done.

  1. Brad

    I missed your posts. I looked a few times last week and there wasn’t anything new, but I knew you were busy. I am also looking forward to lazier days in the summer. Mine don’t start yet though. 😦

    P.S. They were a big hit!!!…mmm leftovers!

  2. Crystal

    Your brownies look sooo-ooo good!

    Thanks for leaving the sweet comment on my blog. It really made me think and was a blessing to me.

  3. Kim

    I’m glad someone missed my posts, Brad!!! LOL

    The brownies, sadly, are made from a bag =( I don’t know how to bake from scratch yet, but that’s definitely my plan for this summer. They were good though. And no problem, Crystal, I really meant what I said =)

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