method: A Product Review

The other week while I was in Shopper’s Drug Mart with my friend, M, I purchased some all-purpose cleaner from a company called method (yes, with a little ‘m’). I was a bit leery of it, seeing as how it’s made from natural stuff, and how on earth can that actually work?

Then I tried it.

And now I love it!

The scent is fresh and clean, and doesn’t cause me to get a headache or shortness of breath (wuhoo!) and gosh darnit, my taps appear to stay clean and shiny longer! And the best part? It actually SPRAYS unlike my harsh chemical-filled other cleaner, whose nozzle SUCKS and made me routinely avoid cleaning because I hated fighting with it to get the product out and onto my tub/sink/counter/toilet. Not to mention I’m always deathly afraid to get into the tub after I’ve cleaned it with scary cleaning products or to sit on the toilet for fear of getting splash-back from the water that I’m always afraid isn’t completely chemical-free after one flush. But I’m not afraid to anymore, because now my cleaning product is all natural, biodegradable, and nontoxic. Yes, I can even use it out of the bathroom and not be afraid for the kittens =) I was always afraid to use our other products in the kitchen for fear that they might lick it and get sick or something =(

I was on their website, and not only do they have cleaning stuff, they also have:
– hand wash and hand sanitizer
– body wash
– laundry soap and dryer sheets/cloths
– dish soap
– floor cleaner and mops (with washable mop cloth-heads)
– air care products (fancy term for air spray, plug-ins, and aroma stick things)

They call themselves “people against dirty” and they don’t just mean dirt-dirty, they mean dirty practices such as animal testing, pollution, phosphates, etc.

And you know what? My question about how natural stuff could possibly clean? I’m re-thinking that way of thought! **warning, conspiracy theory alert** I think we’re all sort of brain-washed by commercials about heavy duty chemical cleaners that the only thing that could possibly clean your bathroom/kitchen is … you guessed it … chemical cleaners! Why does the smell of clean have to give you a headache? And seriously people, do bathroom/kitchen cleaners or hand wash have to be antibacterial? Only if you want to have a hand in creating superbugs that are antibiotic resistant! (get it? hand wash … have a hand…?? I know, I know … terrible!)

They’re a bit more expensive than traditional cleaners, but honestly? I love God’s creation so much more than an extra dollar or two in my pocket.



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4 responses to “method: A Product Review

  1. Fawndoe

    we use method too! i haven’t tried their cleaning products though, just the hand washes… but after reading this i’m going to buy the cleaning products b/c i really can’t take the harsh chemicals anymore in the other stuff. thanks for posting the link to their website. this is a product i’m 100% getting behind 🙂

  2. Kim

    no prob! their website is fascinating, eh?? i love all the info about the products. i highly recommend the pink grapefruit – it smells so yummy!

  3. Crystal

    I only trust Lysol in my kitchen. lol

    But I don’t do antibacterial handsoap… that triclosen (sp?) is skeery stuff!

  4. Ryanne Marmaro

    I like Method products, I’ve had to go back to using alot of them since my Asthma has become annoying again.

    There is another good all natural brand that I can find at one of the grocery stores, if I think of it’s name I’ll let ya know.

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