Randomness: 3 Wishes

I found this meme on Jessica’s blog in her last Thursday Thirteen and thought I’d join it. A topic per week, so I’ll at least have one blog post covered =)

randomness…feed your mind and your blog

Week of April 15: 3 Wishes
If you had 3 wishes granted what would you wish for?

till next time…

Three wishes, huh?

1) That all the children in the world be safe, healthy, and loved (including the unborn)

2) That everyone in the world would come to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour

3) Ummm … I can’t think of a third wish! That Brad and my dream of having a home that is open to serving the most vulnerable children would come true and that could run something similar to Generations of Hope? That’s truly my life’s goal and it would be much easier if it could just be granted as a wish rather than having to work for it =)



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2 responses to “Randomness: 3 Wishes

  1. Brad

    Mhmmmm, very good wishes my Darling! The first two would go hand in hand, I think. One cannot go on with the same views if they are on a journey of getting to know Him better.

    I would love for a Generations of Hope: Hamilton Edition, to be dropped on us!

  2. Kim

    Mmm…one can dream, no? I guess we’ll have to work for it … booo!

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