Randomness: Name 3 of Each …

randomness…feed your mind and your blog

week of April 22: name 3 of each….
1. favorite tv programs
2. favorite foods
3. favorite books
4. favorite bands
5. favorite movies
6. favorite vacation spots

till next time…

Alright! I edited #4 – it was favourite people … other than my hubby, I couldn’t figure it out. So bands it is!

1. ER, The OC, House
2. turkey, salmon, chocolate ANYTHING
3. Bridge to Terabithia, Lord of the Rings (I’m counting the whole trilogy as one book!), and … ummmm … Fast Food Nation?
4. U2, Weezer, Postal Service
5. Crash, Empire Records, I like so many it’s really impossible to choose a third
6. Paris, Mexico, ummmm … I think BC would be nice!

p.s. Brad and I are buying a camera post-haste! Probably today, although maybe tomorrow.


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One response to “Randomness: Name 3 of Each …

  1. Fawndoe

    did you get your camera? i expect to see some pictures 🙂

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