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I’ve been gone … oh so long …

But I’m BACK!!!! (I know, I know, you’re really excited)

My apologies for the prolonged absence. Here’s a list to make it up to you.

1. We bought our camera!!! We got the Casio Exilim on the recommendation of two of my work colleagues. It’s beautiful. If you click on the link, and hover over the colours, we got the red one =) It has some really great features, such as ‘Best Shot’ which allows you to select a pre-set setting to take the best pics (ie. night, portrait, running water, pets, food, etc.)

Check it out. Pets.


Oooooh. Aaaaah.

2. Brad and I have been decluttering, rearranging, and cleaning the apartment. The was pretty much why I didn’t blog at all last week. I really don’t have an excuse for this week though =) Here’s a before shot of the office. Eeee. I hope to have the afters soon.

3. I went to a documentary film festival in Toronto on Sunday with my good friend, Mel.

Mel was smart to bring a snack. There was no canteen.

We went to see The Suicide Tourist at The Isabel Bader Theatre at the University of Toronto.

Although quite sad, it was truly a fantastic film. I would recommend it to anyone looking for some information or some perspective on assisted suicide.It was very well made and gave me some new appreciation for life!

4. I finished reading Our Media, Not Theirs quite a while ago, read and finished Birth: The Surprising History of How We Are Born, Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth (click here for this amazing midwife’s website), and am currently reading The Doula Book. Phew! I’m trying to get through some childbirth books so that I can confidently recommend them to my sister having read them.

5. Ummm…what else? Brad LOVES his new co-op position, and is excited to be wearing jeans. To work that is.

6. Me. Ummm … I’m working? And reading a lot? Really though, there’s nothing too much new with me. Well, I did get my hair cut. And a nose piercing. So there’s a bit. I’ll get Brad to take a pic of me sometime so I can show you all my spunky new self. Yep, spunky! A patient on my unit described my hair in the following manner: “Your hair says, ‘I’m having more fun than you!'” LOL – I love it!


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