As Promised …

Here are some pics of my hair, nostril piercing and tattoo.

There are some things I’d like you to know first.

1. I took all of these pictures myself with the help of my bedroom mirror. I looked in the mirror at the screen of my camera and took the pics. Not so easy. Especially to get pics of own upper arm.

2. Do you know how painful it is to take … let’s see … 36 (?!?) pictures of oneself? Very.

Okay, here goes (drum roll please …)


NB. I think my hair needs a trim already! It’ll be 4 weeks on Friday.

Nose piercing:

NB. I *heart* my piercing. It currently has some “irritation” (read: a little bump beside the whole b/c I bumped it hard a couple of times and got it snagged on a hand towel once or twice) that I’m currently treating with sea salt soaks 3x per day. It’s working

And tattoo:

NB. I really wanted my tattoo to look like a giant typewriter had written on me. The tattoo artist thought it would look cooler if I tilted the ‘i’. Sigh. I went with his suggestion b/c hey, he was the artist and I was 16! Knowledge gained? Stick with what you want!


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5 responses to “As Promised …

  1. Fawndoe

    couldn’t agree more about the tattoo. my butterfly started out with “lets put a bit of shading in here” then an “ooops” later & i have the scarred mushy thing on my shoulder…


    i LOVE your hair it looks super cute! & your nose is adorable. piercings are hard to heal esp. in vulnerable areas so just be careful with it 🙂 🙂


  2. Fawndoe

    i wonder how long it will take before becky finds out? LOL

  3. Kim

    thanks for the compliments =) I really like my nose – but yeah, it’s a doosy to heal!

    lol – i wonder how long it’ll take her to notice too =)

  4. Crystal

    I like the tattoo!

  5. Did the bump ever go away fully? I have one now and I’m a little freaked out about it…

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