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Randomness: Happy Mother’s Day!

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week of may 13: Happy Mothers Day!

For Mother’s Day, if you could give your mom anything in the world, what would it be?

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Hmmmm … this is a tricky one! There’s the “big new house” or “fancy new car” or even, in the case of my mom, “grand opera career”, but I think that if I could give my mom anything in the whole wide world, I would give her a brand new heart. You see, my mom has a heart murmur and it became especially bad when I was born. She does great (you’d hardly know it), but she tires very easily and it really puts a damper on the things that she is able to do. She still does them (my mom is quite the lady … she works, sings in the church choir, sings with the Kitchener-Waterloo Philharmonic Choir [and their Chamber Choir], is learning how to play the piano, and is finishing her Associate’s degree), but I think she could do everything a little bit more easily if she had a new heart to do it with.

The other thing I would do for my mom is exactly what I did for her yesterday:

You see, my mom LOVES to garden, but since she is generally soooo busy with exams and performances is May, she doesn’t always have time to weed her gardens and get them into shape for the planting she will do very soon. So, while Brad and I were outside cleaning this:

(It’s for sale, by the way, if you know anyone who wants a 1988 Trans Am GTA)

I randomly picked up the hoe and weeded her garden. Yes, you read that right, Jenn, I weeded her garden. =) When my mom got home from church, she stopped the car at the driveway, backed up (I swear she was thinking, “Am I at the right house???”) and came into the driveway and was sooooo happy that she cried (that and she was overtired). Here is a pic of my beautiful mom standing next to her now weed-free gardens just before we left for dinner and a movie:

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!



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