Tuesdays (or Thursdays, depending on my work schedule) are for …

Going to the market! Now, I had a whole huge post planned out on this topic, that was going to be complete with a picture of the items that I purchased today that I lugged home on my back, but my camera battery needs recharging (boo!!!) – so that’s that! Maybe another week I’ll play the pity-me-because-I-buy-so-many-fruits-and-veg-that-my-arms-and-back-hurt-after-I-bring-them-home game. Phew!

However, for your viewing enjoyment, I will put on some pretty flower pics that I’ve taken with the camera (thank you ‘flower’ setting!). Enjoy!



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6 responses to “Tuesdays (or Thursdays, depending on my work schedule) are for …

  1. Crystal

    The little flower icon usually stands for the “macro” setting. :o)

    I love the second picture!

  2. Kim

    lol – my camera actually has a bunch of features that allow it to automatically set the best way to take a pic – ie. pets, flowers, food, portrait, greenery, flowing water, text, etc.

    I love the second pic as well – I was thinking about getting it printed and framing it!

  3. Crystal

    Aaahh I see. Ours has some specific settings too. I usually use macro (jewelry) or do it manually. I mean, how often am I going to be photographing fireworks? lol

    Hey you’re on my blog roll finally. LOL I kept forgetting to update it. Now you have arrived. ;oP

  4. Jessica Morris

    pretty!! i like the third one

  5. Kim

    Wuhoo on the blogroll! I must admit, I was sad that I wasn’t there (because I’m a big baby … lol)

    Jessica – thanks! That one was in my mom’s flower bed!

  6. Crystal

    I’m sorry!!!! You weren’t the only one I needed to add… I always forget to do stuff when I’m messing with the template. I added a few yesterday. I promise, it was in no way intentional.

    Hey, some days I don’t even remember what was just said. I drive my husband insane.

    “Wait… what?”

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