Five Funky Facts . . .

Following are five funky facts for this Friday’s post. (and some good alliteration, darn it!)

1. The apartment building across from us is falling down. The retaining wall (it’s built behind a park and up a good 30 – 40 feet) is crumbling and people were evacuated around a month ago – I don’t think they’ve been let back in yet.

2. It’s my big sister’s 30th birthday tomorrow – this is huge! She lives in Ottawa, so I won’t be able to be there to celebrate with her, but I will see her next weekend =)

3. I sent her card out on Wednesday and I really hope it arrived today. *crosses fingers*

4. I worked for 12 hours today.

5. Brad’s car is up on Autotrader as of this past Tuesday – wuhoo!

And here’s a pic of my two kitties sleeping on the futon:


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