Dear Kim.

You are the most inconsistent blogger in the whole wide world (although I’m sure this can’t be completely true!). Please learn to post at least three times a week – an amount that will likely hold people’s attention, unlike 1 – 2 times per week. This is a completely unacceptable amount (**please note, this statement is not true for everyone, I really just wanted to post more than that**).


In response to this letter, I have crafted the following blog entry.

Hello world!

So it seems that I’m not posting very regularly. Funny how that works, eh? In school, I’m so busy I don’t have time to think, and once I’m done for the summer, it seems that I have so little to do, that my brain actually shuts down and I spend an inordinate amount of time staring off into space. Or over-analyzing my cycle. Or reading my forums. Or, or, or. And lots of reading! I was going to post this on Tuesday, but I was too lazy. Tuesday was again for going to the market where I purchased the following spoils:

That’s right: romaine lettuce, a carrot, green beans, broccoli, two potatoes, a green pepper, a red pepper, bread, eggs, and a block of cheese. I still had apples left over from last week, so I didn’t need to buy those, so I only spent $16! Not too shabby! Then, when I got back from the market I did dishes (wuhoo!) and laundry (wuhoo!). And then I demolished the rest of Pay it Forward, which is an INCREDIBLE novel! For those of you who have seen the movie – THE BOOK WAS SO MUCH BETTER! It’s by Catherine Ryan Hyde, for inquiring minds.

Wednesday I worked from 6:30 – 9:30 and then 11:00 – 7:00, but I signed out at 6:30. I was set to demolish the rest of the Irresistable Revolution, but my friends needed it back as they are leading a talk on Sunday about it at our group, CommonGround.

Today, I miraculously slept until 11:30 (yes, it was fantastic!) and then got up, made lunch for Brad and myself and went to meet him at a park across from his office to have lunch together. I then cleaned like a banshee! The bathroom, the kitchen, the microwave, and vacuumed. (Does anybody else hate spelling vacuum? It’s the only work I consistently spell wrong.) Then I caught up on my Bible reading and spent the rest of the afternoon surfing the web. But here I am and it’s now time to make dinner, so off I go! Enjoy the rest of your Thursday, people! I know I will. I even have tomorrow off (wuhoo!!) so I’m getting my hair trimmed, borrowing some more books from the library, and visiting with a friend for tea =)


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