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A Birthday, a Belly, and a Bed-and-Breakfast

Well, this weekend I was lucky enough to see my whole family! It was my grandmother’s 80th birthday party, and so we traveled to the Cobourg/Port Hope/Peterborough area for a celebration. The party itself was on Saturday afternoon. The afternoon was good – but long. And there were lots of awkward moments (especially, I’m sure, for my sister Becky’s boyfriend who had never met Brad and I or my parents, let alone the rest of my crazy family!!). My mom has eight brothers and sisters, most of whom have kids, so there were a tonne of people there!

Here’s a pic of my Nana:

And a pic of the beautiful cake my mom made – it was soooo yummy. I would put money on my mom’s cake being the most delicious birthday cake you’ve ever tasted.

It was so fun seeing my sister who is 25 weeks pregnant. Hee!!!!! She looks so incredible, and her belly is the cutest thing EVER! Here’s a pic of my mom and me being patient and waiting for the baby to kick (patience pays off! Although my arm fell almost completely asleep, I did feel a tiny kick!!!):

We stayed at Clearstone Lodge , which is a beautiful Bed-and-Breakfast on the shore of Rice Lake. Brad and I have now decided to NEVER stay in hotels if we can get away with it – both of us much prefer supporting actual people and the friendly, individual service we have received the times that we’ve stayed at real inns and bed-and-breakfasts. On Sunday morning, we decided to be crazy and get up at 6:00 (yep, AM) and go for a walk down to see the lake.

Sooo beautiful! Although it was raining, it was incredible to walk down the path (pictured above) and listen to the rain on the leaves in the forest. MMmmmm. And the best part? It smelled so nice to get out of the city and be in the country.

We had breakfast with my whole family (Mom and dad, my sister Jenn and her husband, my sister Becky and her boyfriend, Brad, and myself) as well as with my Aunt Alice and Uncle Pete (I spent soooo many weekends and holidays at their house growing up … they’re definitely my closest relatives) and their daughter Kim, her husband and son Michael (my ringbearer).

And, just to spark the discussion on family resemblance, here’s a pic of Brad checking out my parents new digital camera with my daddy in the background. We don’t look at all alike, eh?


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