Randomness: Name one of each

randomness…feed your mind and your blog

week of june 3: name one of each

1. a movie that made you laugh
2. a book that made you cry
3. a best friend
4. a favorite childhood memory
5. your favorite animal
6. your favorite food
7. an item of clothing you can’t do without
8. something you collect
9. your favorite store to shop in
10. your favorite flower

till next time…

  1. Blades of Glory – saw this in theatres … it definitely made me laugh!
  2. Bridge to Terabithia – Best. Book. Ever.
  3. Mary Anne – my best friend from high school =)
  4. Going to the pump house! – it was a smaller, out-of-the-way beach where there wasn’t quite as big a crowd as the main one
  5. Llamas
  6. Mmmm … pizza
  7. Socks – I. Love. Socks.
  8. Books … I also have a random collection of shot glasses from when I was quite young, but I don’t know where they are.
  9. Old Navy – I heart their clothes, and they’re generally cheap too!
  10. Gerbera daisies – they’re just so pretty =)


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2 responses to “Randomness: Name one of each

  1. Crystal

    Hey… in answer to your question on my blog, yes, we will ship to Canada. We don’t have the shopping cart set up to handle it yet, so until we do you’ll have to email me for a shipping quote.

    I need to figure out how much it costs to ship over there so I can set it up. I just don’t even know where to begin! lol

  2. Kim

    Understandably! I could see Canada being a confusing place to ship to =)

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