Plastic … everywhere …

This disgusting article made me feel ill. It’s a long read – but skim/read it at will, it’s really quite disturbing and informative.

Quick facts:

  • Only 2 – 3% of all plastic is actually recycled – the process is too expensive
  • It’s generally the plastics with 1’s and 2’s on the bottom which are regularly actually recycled and made into something new
  • Many types of plastic are proven to be toxic to the reproductive systems of us, our children, our children’s children (if they can have them), etc.
  • The one plastic item you threw out today may outlast your children on this earth
  • All the plastic in our oceans is killing the marine life =(

What Brad and I will be trying to do about this:

  • Choose glass over plastic whenever we can (glass can always be recycled)
  • Choose reusable items (ie. handkerchiefs, cloth diapers, menstrual cups, cloth menstrual products, etc.)
  • If it is necessary to buy plastic, try to buy those made with 1’s or 2’s
  • Bring our cloth bags everywhere with us to avoid plastic bags
  • Buy fresh foods as often as we can instead of pre-packaged foods, which are often packaged in plastics

Leave me a comment – what are you doing to reduce, reuse, and recycle?



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6 responses to “Plastic … everywhere …

  1. jenny

    – always buy economy sized items (like shampoo, conditioner, lotion, liquid soap, dishwashing fluid, cleaners, etc.) & fill up the travel sizes so i’m not throwing as much plastic away (although its a double edged sword b/c the economy sized stuff is BIGGER than the travel sized stuff; how to win in this situation?)
    – reuse; okay this is gross. i use those oil of olay wash cloths in the morning, the ones you add water to & then they soap up & you scrub your face with them. once i rinse them out, i use them to wipe down the counter & the sink when S is finished shaving & we’re both done brushing our teeth. i figure that they’re clean right? like they’re MADE of soap! so its better than using a brand new paper towel or cloth
    – instead of using paper towels i’m starting to use old face cloths and rags. its cutting down on the actual “garbage” waste, BUT its increasing my laundry – so i’m not sure if the environment is really the winner here (knowing that soaps from detergents are just as bad as landfill waste)
    – we’ve posted a “No Flyers Please” sticker on our mailbox & am pretty much the only townhouse that did that; we used to receive junk mail every single day, now we’re lucky if its once a week
    – i bring my lunches to work in re-usable plastic containers
    – we have to pick up our dogs poop in plastic baggies that tie tightly (b/c of the smell) so it almost feels like no matter how much good stuff we’re doing, it isn’t enough b/c of the amount of plastic bags we’re throwing out every week

  2. jenny

    about the cloth diapers. carey & stig looked into that for svea b/c i’m not sure if you know, but their entire house (the new mansion they built) is “green”. anyway… they found that the detergents used to clean cloth diapers (through a diapering service) are actually worse for the environment than using plastic diapers would be. i’m not sure if they looked into how it would factor if THEY did the diapers themselves, but i’m pretty sure with their busy lives that just wouldn’t be an option. anyway, i was really suprised to hear that b/c i’d always thought cloth was better no matter what. it was Stig that told me otherwise. Crazy eh?

  3. kimschell

    Wow! You do a lot! *grins* It makes me happy to see other people doing their bit too! I don’t think using the Oil of Olay cloth to wipe down the bathroom’s a bad idea – in fact, I think it’s a fantastic one! Good call on the rags vs. paper towels – we do that too. You find it’s much more laundry? I just throw whatever I use in with my regular laundry and it doesn’t really effect how many loads I do.

    I would love to have a “no flyers” sign – but obviously b/c we live in a highrise we can’t. We get soooo much junk mail it’s ridiculous.

    re: cloth diapers. I didn’t know that the detergents were that bad for the environment! We’ll probably wash our own anyways, but that’s interesting since I’ve been telling people about the diaper services. I’ll have to check out the Hamilton ones and see if anyone uses enviro-friendly detergents!

  4. jenny

    yeah i don’t the details, but its something about the bleaching agent b/c its human feces & its for babies & its not like you get the same diapers back that you give (like its a s**t load [haha] of diapers that all the customers share). plus the cleansers they use have been known to give babies sore bottoms 😦
    BUT if you’re doing it yourself it might be better – although it is going to increase your washing. its just hard to say whats the best option. seems like nothing is anymore.

  5. kimschell

    I guess it makes sense that they’d have to crazy disinfect them cuz you’re not getting your own back …

    For us, the decision to cloth diaper is a combination of many things. Increasing our washing by a bit is well worth keeping all that disposable stuff out of the landfills, keeping the bleached diaper yuckiness off my baby’s bottom, saving money by not having to buy disposables, etc., in our opinion. We’ll be looking for a laundry detergent that’s enviro friendly as well, so then even if we have to do more laundry, it’s better =) (Plus, the cloth diaper covers are THE CUTEST!!!)

  6. jenny

    i love how you’re like “increasing our washing by a bit…” its so cute & sweet 😛

    carey swears her laundry has increased like crazy – like 1 load a day has turned into 3 or 4, b/c for them its the bedding, the clothes, the burpies, the blankets – then add in diapers, it would be crazy! it really might be more economical for you to use a diapering service (that way you’re not paying crazy increases in your water bill), or spending all your spare time hunched over a washing machine 🙂

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