Wow – new blog!

Hi everyone! Brad and I are currently setting up our website (we finally bought a domain!) at We are figuring out where to host it (our friends have a server … we’re hoping to snaffoo [sp?] some space on theirs for now until Brad can get a server running here) and what to put on it. One of the things that will go on it is my blog – running through so I’m trying out the free blogging on first. Playing with themes (although there’s so many more available when you host your own as opposed to blogging on their .com site) and widgets and getting an overall feel for it before the official switch over. So … for right now, leave your bookmarks at and when I blog here, I’ll link to it with my blogger blog. That way you won’t be forced to change your bookmarks/links to and then to our domain. When we make that switch, I’ll be importing my blogger and blogs onto the domain blog and at that point, any bookmarks/links will need to change. Clear as mud? I thought so! It’ll become more clear over time. For now – nothing really changes! You’ll just have to click a link on my blogger blog to get over to here to read any new posts.



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4 responses to “Wow – new blog!

  1. Jenny

    isn’t this your 3rd blog? & you wonder why mom can’t keep up? LOL

    i do really, really like how this one is laid out. very pretty. now i’m thinking of switching mine.. hmm…

  2. kimschell

    LOL – that’s why I’m not going to switch everything over for now – I’ll wait until everything is all set up. And I’ll keep my blogger blog for a while with the url to my real one so people who don’t check often will know where to go =)

    Mom just doesn’t read it period. LOL It *is* nice, eh?? And there’s so many nice templates =)

  3. jenny

    yeah i think its pretty pathetic that both mom & bex can’t be bothered to find out whats going on in our lives. oh well, at least we know *we’ll* always be reading each others writing 🙂

  4. *blink, blink*

    You’ll have to probably remind those of us that are super-forgetful to change the URL, oh, 5 times before it happens.

    One of these days when I have time to learn CSS, I’m going to leave blogger and get my own domain for my blog.

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