data entry and I are not friends.

Computer Mess

This is what my dining room table has looked like for a couple of weeks. (I do clean it up after I’m done though!) See that big stack of pink?

Big Stack of Pink

See it?

Bah! That’s like, a million sheets of paper. And I had to input the data from each of them into Excel. See, I decided to take my fourth year research course over the summer in order to lessen my course load for this coming year. And the above pictures are the result. It’s free grunt work. But on the bright side, I only have to take two courses per semester this year! Wuhoo!



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2 responses to “data entry and I are not friends.

  1. Kim

    Please don’t mind me … I’m changing my automatic fill settings.

  2. jenny

    but the pink looks so pretty! actually my first thought was “yikes”. my second thought was “that looks a lot like our table looks every day” and my third thought was “the pink is kindof pretty” 🙂

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