Thursday list.

I tried to post last night, but there was a server error that was silly and it wouldn’t let me. So here I am today! I’m going to make a list because I like them and I haven’t posted in so long that I actually have enough things to post on for a list!

1. The Weather. Yesterday it got up to 40 degrees celcuis (that’s 104 fahrenheit) and at 11:03 PM, it still “felt like” (read: humidex) 30 – that’s 86. It was excessive.

2. Washcloth knitting. This one’s finished.


That’s my finished washcloth – in the following picture you can definitely better see the checkered pattern.

Dishcloth Detail

3. Secret knitting. I’m knitting some secret items right now – I made a prototype in the blue yarn that I’m using to make all the dishcloths, so it’s not very exciting, but I’m super excited to see the items in a beautiful yarn. Muwahahaha! Someday I will reveal what I am knitting and why.

4. Kushies store. My friend Mel (who is 16 weeks pregnant!) and I went to a Kushies outlet store in Stoney Creek yesterday. Jenny, we need to go here when you come up for the shower! The items in the store are considered “seconds” so they may have slight imperfections, but the prices are 30 – 60% lower than their retail prices. They have hats and mittens and cloth diaper stuff and breast pads and bibs and change pads and nursing canopies and toys and tonnes of layette items!

5. New York, New York! Brad and I are planning a trip to New York City during the week of the Civic Holiday (the first Monday in August). We’re going to see my brother-in-law, Dave, who has a FOUR BEDROOM APARTMENT IN MANHATTAN. (There’s two couples living there. I don’t know how it’s possible. We haven’t talked for long enough to find out!) Originally, we were only going to go for 3 or 4 days, but since flights will cost $750 altogether, we decided to get the whole week off work. We’ll be heading out on August 4th and returning on the 10th. Should be fantastic!

6. Canada Day Weekend. I have this weekend off. Yep – you heard me right, I’ve got Saturday, Sunday, AND Monday off, I’m so excited! Brad and I are looking at going to the Toronto Islands on Saturday to spend some fun time together! There’s 10 km of trail, a small amusement park (Centreville), pools, beaches, restaurants, and a hedge maze!

7. View from my apartment. Look how beautiful Hamilton is!

The view to the left off my balcony:

Apartment view 1

What you see on that skyline is Hamilton Mountain (or the Niagara Escarpment for those who don’t live in Southern Ontario and call it a “mountain”). The view to the right:

Apartment view 2

I honestly love living in Hamilton. I love my city! I truly thought that I would not really like living here when we moved to the area, but it has grown on me. It’s got a bad reputation because of all the industry in the northern part of the city (Stelco, Dofasco, etc.) and it’s quite polluted down there. But really, I had no idea just how beautiful it was until we moved here! It’s got tonnes of parks – the second picture there is looking down onto a park (which is currently closed because the apartment building you also see in the pic is falling down!!) – and tonnes of trees everywhere.

Well, I think that wraps up my Thursday list! I’ve got to get going and eat some lunch because I’m babysitting for a friend this afternoon for a few hours. She asked me to take her daughter to the park – who can say no to taking an 18-month-old to the park? What fun!


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  1. Jenny

    Kim i’m down, that store looks amazing! SO ADORABLE. don’t you just love, love, love baby stuff?

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