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secret knitting revealed at last!

So, as I’m sure many of you guessed, the secret knitting that I was doing was for my big sister’s baby shower =)

The first item I knitted was a set of baby booties, find the pattern here:


These were SOOOOO much fun to make! I did use some modifications – I braided the green yarn for the ties (because I don’t know how to crochet!) and I didn’t do as many rounds at the top as the pattern called for. I think they are absolutely the cutest baby booties ever. And it’s a great pattern to adapt as baby gets bigger – it’s really a very simple pattern and although I learned lots of new techniques, I wasn’t ever confused by it! Here’s a close-up of the stiching:

Bootie close-up

The other knitted items I made were these cute and fun Dinosaurs! (Find the pattern here)


These guys were tonnes of fun too! Here’s a close-up of Bronty:


and one of Trice:


I had such a fun time making the dinos! They were overall pretty easy to knit, but sewing them up and then seaming on the legs (and the head, for Bronty) was a bit tedious. I hate seaming – but I think after this project, I’m better than I was! One of the best parts was how inexpensive materials were! And they’re such a hit that I’ve already got a request for a set for a friend’s birthday =)

To see more pics of the booties, the dinos, and their construction, click on my Flickr widget in the sidebar and click on the ‘knitting’ photo set.

So, what do you all think? Are these patterns great, or what?


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randomness: Harry Potter Mania

randomness…feed your mind and your blog

week of July 29: harry potter maniaOK, so I’ve been hooked on Harry Potter books
like so many others and this week’s meme will be about ‘The Boy Who Lived’
So do tell, are you hooked on Harry Potter too?
Do you prefer the books or the movies?
Have you read all the books yet?
Do you plan to?

till next time…

 So do tell, are you hooked on Harry Potter too?

Oh, yes! When the first movie came out, I’d never even heard of the series (actually, someone told me the first book came out 10 years ago – I would have been 14 … how did I not hear about it??)

Do you prefer the books or the movies?

Mmm. Hard choice. I think I’ll have to say the books! It was definitely the movies that got me hooked, though, and they’re truly fantastic adaptations! I really do love the visual excitement that the movies give, though. And I love the cast – every cast member plays his/her character perfectly! I especially love Luna Lovegood in the latest movie. She’s hysterical!

Have you read all the books yet?

Thanks to my big sis, yes, I have! Thanks, Jenny!!

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Dear Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,

I could not put you down. Brilliant!

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So. We totally went to The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada. And it was fantastic! A picnic lunch was packed (double-decker P.B.&J, anyone?) and off we set! To see all the photos, just click on my flickr widget in the sidebar!

We played with some donkeys (this one was 37 39? 37 years old!):


We learned about mules (did you know that they’re sterile due to a chromosomal imbalance??):


We sat here for our delicious picnic:


Played some Guitar Hero, went to the mall Chapters:

fire truck

I cannot get over that picture! That’s a book that folds out into a firetruck =) It’s so fitting because Luke (see pic #1) is a firefighter!! And it showcases exactly what M.A. and I are like in public places … you can dress us up, but you can’t take us out!

Went out for dinner, and then headed to my place to eat some cake. I had a fantastic time, and it was great to see my bestest friend for a whole day!! Thanks for a great time, M.A.! And great suggestion for a fun place to go!
p.s. I’m going to my parents’ tomorrow to spend some wonderful time with my family =) I’m sure there will be lots of good pics of our time together up soon!


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you’re going where?

Tomorrow I’m off to see a good friend in Guelph. We’re going to The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada! My friend Mary Anne specializes in finding fun things to do when the world seems boring – there is certainly never a dull moment around her! When I told a friend at work that my friend suggested this, she replied, “That’s bizzare. I can see why you’re friends!” That about sums it up!

I promise, the pictures will be good!

P.S. I finished Tuesdays with Morrie yesterday (It took me less than a day to read. It was a very good book!) and am starting on The Weather Makers (Tim Flannery). It’s about climate change and presents the facts in an easy-to-understand way for those of us who aren’t scientists – it’s a really good read! Not too science-y, not too layman-y, a perfect mix between the two (much like An Inconvenient Truth!).

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Procrastination is my friend!

I’ve been a good girl the past few days! Yesterday I did all the laundry, met a friend for Italian sodas, made plans for this weekend and then unexpectedly went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3.

Today I got up, cleaned the bathroom, went to the market, vacuumed, and then baked some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Phew!

I’m still having motivational issues though. I really need to cut up fruit for tonight’s youth group meeting. (Brad and I were approached earlier this summer to be youth group leaders at our church – it was a welcome surprise, and as we have always felt led to youth ministries, we gladly accepted. I’m still wondering, ‘Am I cool enough?’) We’re having a potlock and I’m in charge of bringing some fruit. I bought peaches, mango, cantaloupe, bananas, and raspberries. Mmmm … fruit.

Brad and I also have a meeting with the folks at WEC to discuss supporting a friend of ours who is going to Senegal this fall to do missionary work.

And on top of that, my secret knitting project needs to hurry up and get done! I’m half-way there, but just need to sit my butt down and do it!

Here’s a pic of a sunset looking off our balcony from a few weeks ago – it’s it beautiful?


Oh! And for the interested? I finally finished Catch-22 yesterday. I’m glad I read it, but I’m not sure I’m as glad I read it as everyone said I’d be … check out my What Have You Read? page for my next reading adventure!


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How much is just right?

I was reading this post over at the Yarn Harlot’s blog and it got me to thinking. Brad and I talk quite a bit about how much time we are going to allow our future children to spend watching/playing the tv/internet/computer/video games. Since we do not have cable and get no channels, the tv’s a no-brainer – they won’t be watching any. However, we will have computers (and probably more than one!) and we will definitely have the internet – how much internet/games is too much?

And then I started thinking about myself =)

If I’m going to have a time rule for my kids on how much time they can spend on the internet or on the computer, am I then obligated to adhere to the rule as well? If I look at how much I’m on the internet these days would I ever want my kids to be on it that much?? HECK NO! Summers are bad, mind you. I work part-time and there’s no one else home during the day. I get bored, and I therefore waste time reading blogs/forums, etc. Sometimes I’m on it forever, but for a purpose (ie. researching how to get to NYC for the cheapest, like today, or research cloth diapering, lol). Other days, I’m really just trying to pass the time. It all depends. Either way, I know that when I have my kids, I’m going to have to put a limit on how much time I spend online, so that I don’t end up like this!

And, for your watching pleasure, a great commercial over at Sarahthedoula. I love it!

P.S. Yesterday at work I heard Blame It On The Rain by Milli Vanilli. Wow. It’s been like, 17 years. And I very clearly remember my 5- or 6-year old self being devestated by the lip-syncing news. And running outside and singing this song at the top of my lungs while crying. I was apparently a bit melodramatic!


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