Randomness: Would you rather …

Happy Canada Day to all! It’s Canada’s 140th birthday today! Brad and I will be attending a “wedding fiesta” for some friends who were married in May in Mexico. Wuhoo!!

randomness…feed your mind and your blog

week of July 1: would you rather….

1. jump out of a plane or bungee jump?

I would rather jump out of a plane. Bungee jumping, in my humble opinion, looks kind of neck-snappish, not to mention that if they miscalculated the rope length and smash you against the ground or it breaks … you get the picture. Sky diving, however, really only two things can go wrong: the plane breaks and crashes, or your parachute doesn’t work. Either way, at least you’ve got a nice view! And you’d probably be dead before you hit the ground!

2. be stranded on a deserted island alone or be stranded with someone you hate?

Alone. Hands down. I could deal with the loneliness and, a la Tom Hanks in castaway, I would totally find an inanimate object to keep me company.

3. eat fried worms or eat chocolate covered bugs?

Chocolate covered bugs.

4. trip and fall in front of your co-workers or trip and fall in front of someone you have a crush on?

Well, I’ve tripped and fallen in front of my husband enough when we were dating that I’ll go for that one. Although I’ve tripped in front of enough co-workers too …

5. shave your head bald or die your hair purple?

Purple. I think I’d look awfully silly bald.

6. not be able to talk or not be able to stop talking?

Not be able to talk. Sometimes I talk too much now and say, “Self! Stop talking!” I think it would get old awfully quick for *me* not to be able to stop talking! I’d learn sign language =)

7. always be cold or always be hot?

As much as I begrudge being constantly cold, I still think it’s better to have the option to put on a sweater than it is to have to shed layers =) I’ll go with always cold! (plus, if I were always hot, I’d be forever sweating!)

till next time…

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