Toronto Islands Day Trip 2007

So. Brad and I went to the Toronto Islands on Saturday and had a FABULOUS time!

Click here to see the full album of our pictures.

I packed a picnic lunch, our bathing suits (it ended up being in the low 20’s – FAR too cold to go swimming!), and a big bottle of water:


Cashed this:


And headed off! We took the ferry to Ward’s Island and ate our lunch here:


And then rented a “two-person quadricycle”:


While on this contraption (so. much. fun.) we saw “real men” playing this:

disc golf

It’s called “disc golf”. It’s golfing with frisbees. Sound cool? Maybe it was – but they were waaaaaay too serious for us!

Then we made our way through the hedge maze (methinks the hedge needs to be taken out and re-planted – you could see right into the path beside you! made the maze not so maze-ish!)

hedge maze

And we sat in a really big chair:


And saw a ridiculously cute duck with his/her family:


Then we ate dinner and made our way home. Here’s a pic of us inside the maze:


Thanks a bunch, Mary Anne! What a great wedding present! We had a fantastic day spending some much-needed time together =)



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3 responses to “Toronto Islands Day Trip 2007

  1. Jenny

    i just love you two!! your pictures are adorable, esp. the big chair sitting one (and you’re right, the duckie is a cutie too) glad you had a great weekend & got to spend some time together reconnecting 🙂 can’t wait to see you both in just 3 short weeks!

  2. kimschell

    Awwww shucks! I love the big chair one too – it’s one of my favourite pics of us EVER!

    ACK! 3 weeks!

  3. Mom & Dad

    Hey Kim & Brad:
    Your trip to the Toronto Island sounds wonderful, and your pictures make it look like so much fun. I am glad you have finaly been able to use Mary Anne’s gift … and I am sure she is too. $100.00? Wow, very generous, I might add!
    See you next Wednesday, k? *Smiles*

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