Randomness: Vacationing

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week of July 8: Vacationing

I’ll be going on vacation next week, so that inspires this weeks meme:

1. What is your favorite vacation spot? Hmmm … I’m not sure I’ve been on enough “vacations” to say. It depends on what type of vacation it is – sight-seeing or relaxing. For relaxing, Mexico was FABULOUS. For sight-seeing, Europe all the way!

2. Would you rather drive or fly? I heart flying. It depends where it is though, and how long I’ve got, I think. If Brad and I were going to BC, for example, and we had a few weeks, I’d love to drive. I truly enjoy car trips =)

3. Have you ever been on a cruise? Would you want to go on one? Nope, I’ve never been on a cruise, and I’m not entirely sure I’d ever want to. The titanic thing kinda gives me the heebie jeebies.

4. What has been your best/worst vacation? Best – Mexico/Europe. Worst – ummm … I don’t think I’ve ever been on a bad one!

5. How long do you think is long enough for a vacation? At least a week. Our honeymoon was great, though, and it was only 2 days =)

6. Do you spend alot of money while on vacation? I like to think I don’t. No, I don’t think so. Do you buy alot of souvenieres? We generally buy one thing to remember the vacation by. ie. honeymoon – we bought some beautiful coasters (you need to see them to understand), Mexico – we bought a Mayan-made chess set, etc. What’s the coolest one you’ve gotten? Hmmm … I think the chess set! We need to set it up and put it on display though! (as an aside, I used to collect shot glasses and had one from tonnes of places!! I don’t know where they are now, though, I haven’t seen them since we moved from Port Dover!)

7. If money were no object, where would you go on vacation? The South of France. Or Italy.

till next time…



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2 responses to “Randomness: Vacationing

  1. I love vacations! I’ve been to Northern France but would love to go south as well!


  2. kimschell

    AHHH! It’s Steph from Adventures in Babywearing!!!! I feel so honoured!!! =) I need to add you to my blogroll, me thinks!

    I’ve been to Paris, but that about sums up my France travels. Most of our time in Europe (I was there for a month @ 16 years old) was spend in Belgium (where my friend lived), Germany, and Austria. We took a day-trip to Amsterdam and also through Luxemburg 😉

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