Hmmm … Librivox review

Friday afternoon post. I wish I had an idea of what to blog about! I realize it’s been like, 4 whole days since I last posted, so I knew that I had to post *something* now what?

Oh! I can blog about Librivox!

I found this website I few months ago when I was looking into getting some audiobooks so that I won’t just sit on the couch and knit in silence. (Don’t laugh. I’ve done it. It feels foolish.) Soooo, I went online and checked ‘er out and have listened to Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll) and am currently in Volume II of Emma (Jane Austen).

Librivox only offers books that are in the public domain (books whose copyrights have lapsed) and relies on volunteer readers. The volunteer thing means that not all of the readers are entirely pleasant to listen to – it also means that you or I can volunteer to read something!! Now *that*’s pretty cool!

Well, I’m off to go do some knitting … here I come, dear Emma!


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