Procrastination is my friend!

I’ve been a good girl the past few days! Yesterday I did all the laundry, met a friend for Italian sodas, made plans for this weekend and then unexpectedly went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3.

Today I got up, cleaned the bathroom, went to the market, vacuumed, and then baked some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Phew!

I’m still having motivational issues though. I really need to cut up fruit for tonight’s youth group meeting. (Brad and I were approached earlier this summer to be youth group leaders at our church – it was a welcome surprise, and as we have always felt led to youth ministries, we gladly accepted. I’m still wondering, ‘Am I cool enough?’) We’re having a potlock and I’m in charge of bringing some fruit. I bought peaches, mango, cantaloupe, bananas, and raspberries. Mmmm … fruit.

Brad and I also have a meeting with the folks at WEC to discuss supporting a friend of ours who is going to Senegal this fall to do missionary work.

And on top of that, my secret knitting project needs to hurry up and get done! I’m half-way there, but just need to sit my butt down and do it!

Here’s a pic of a sunset looking off our balcony from a few weeks ago – it’s it beautiful?


Oh! And for the interested? I finally finished Catch-22 yesterday. I’m glad I read it, but I’m not sure I’m as glad I read it as everyone said I’d be … check out my What Have You Read? page for my next reading adventure!


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2 responses to “Procrastination is my friend!

  1. Wow! You were super busy. Darling, I thank you for the time that you took to do all that. That lets me focus on my homework and the building of my computer this weekend. You’re awesome!!!

  2. Kim

    =) You’re very welcome, my love!

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