you’re going where?

Tomorrow I’m off to see a good friend in Guelph. We’re going to The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada! My friend Mary Anne specializes in finding fun things to do when the world seems boring – there is certainly never a dull moment around her! When I told a friend at work that my friend suggested this, she replied, “That’s bizzare. I can see why you’re friends!” That about sums it up!

I promise, the pictures will be good!

P.S. I finished Tuesdays with Morrie yesterday (It took me less than a day to read. It was a very good book!) and am starting on The Weather Makers (Tim Flannery). It’s about climate change and presents the facts in an easy-to-understand way for those of us who aren’t scientists – it’s a really good read! Not too science-y, not too layman-y, a perfect mix between the two (much like An Inconvenient Truth!).


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