So. We totally went to The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada. And it was fantastic! A picnic lunch was packed (double-decker P.B.&J, anyone?) and off we set! To see all the photos, just click on my flickr widget in the sidebar!

We played with some donkeys (this one was 37 39? 37 years old!):


We learned about mules (did you know that they’re sterile due to a chromosomal imbalance??):


We sat here for our delicious picnic:


Played some Guitar Hero, went to the mall Chapters:

fire truck

I cannot get over that picture! That’s a book that folds out into a firetruck =) It’s so fitting because Luke (see pic #1) is a firefighter!! And it showcases exactly what M.A. and I are like in public places … you can dress us up, but you can’t take us out!

Went out for dinner, and then headed to my place to eat some cake. I had a fantastic time, and it was great to see my bestest friend for a whole day!! Thanks for a great time, M.A.! And great suggestion for a fun place to go!
p.s. I’m going to my parents’ tomorrow to spend some wonderful time with my family =) I’m sure there will be lots of good pics of our time together up soon!



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2 responses to “Donkay!

  1. Did you find any talking donkeys? or ogres?

  2. Kim

    Sadly, no! But one did have an extra set of knubby Shrek-like ears …

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