secret knitting revealed at last!

So, as I’m sure many of you guessed, the secret knitting that I was doing was for my big sister’s baby shower =)

The first item I knitted was a set of baby booties, find the pattern here:


These were SOOOOO much fun to make! I did use some modifications – I braided the green yarn for the ties (because I don’t know how to crochet!) and I didn’t do as many rounds at the top as the pattern called for. I think they are absolutely the cutest baby booties ever. And it’s a great pattern to adapt as baby gets bigger – it’s really a very simple pattern and although I learned lots of new techniques, I wasn’t ever confused by it! Here’s a close-up of the stiching:

Bootie close-up

The other knitted items I made were these cute and fun Dinosaurs! (Find the pattern here)


These guys were tonnes of fun too! Here’s a close-up of Bronty:


and one of Trice:


I had such a fun time making the dinos! They were overall pretty easy to knit, but sewing them up and then seaming on the legs (and the head, for Bronty) was a bit tedious. I hate seaming – but I think after this project, I’m better than I was! One of the best parts was how inexpensive materials were! And they’re such a hit that I’ve already got a request for a set for a friend’s birthday =)

To see more pics of the booties, the dinos, and their construction, click on my Flickr widget in the sidebar and click on the ‘knitting’ photo set.

So, what do you all think? Are these patterns great, or what?


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5 responses to “secret knitting revealed at last!

  1. Those booties are great! And thanks so much for pointing out those dinosaur patterns: my dinosaur-obsessed two-year-old daughter will be thrilled to have one (or two or all three!) of them for her own.

  2. jenny

    i still love them!! they are so so cute. i know my boy is going to love them forever. what an amazing gift kim; seriously shaun & i are both so touched that you made these for our little boy πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. Kim

    Awww, Jenny, I’m glad you like it all!! =) I saw the dino pattern and fell in love and had to make them for you and your little bean.

  4. I think this is awesome!!! I have been wanting to knit little animals, too!


  5. OMGoodness, these are sooo cute!

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