New York! Day Five …

Day Five – Wednesday

We saw too much on this day to put it with another post. Wednesday we had a doozy of a day lined up. We were going to get up early, go to the Empire State Building, down to Ground Zero, and then up to the Guggenheim. However, as I was getting my towel to shower, Dave & Lindsey came back in – the subways were down due to an apparently large storm the night before and they weren’t going to work any time soon! So, we went and got some breakfast and hung out with them for a while. We decided we’d wait to see the Guggenheim. We left for Ground Zero later than we’d hoped (the story of the week, actually – we didn’t leave “on time” the whole week!), but had plenty of time anyways.

Here’s the pics from Ground Zero … the pics pretty much speak for themselves, but I’ll label them.




This one, on the left, you can see a truck on a ramp … they built a HIGHWAY into the construction site because it’s so big … 16 acres, in fact! They’re building Freedom Tower and two memorials.

Memorial at Firehouse

A memorial wall on the side of the Firehouse near Ground Zero.

Winter Garden

This is the Winter Garden inside the World Financial Centre … swanky!

WTC Tower 7

This is World Trade Centre Tower 7 – it was completely destroyed on 9/11 and has just re-opened.

We also visited an incredible timeline of the 9/11 events – it had the day’s events as well as what’s been happening at Ground Zero since.

After we were done at Ground Zero, we went into Century 21 and made some decent purchases – a bag, hat, and apron for me, a backpack, a hat, and some socks for Brad, and a googly-eye fish shower curtain for our place =)

From Ground Zero, we took the subway back up to The Empire State Building‘s Observatory Deck on the 86th floor – we were waaaaaay up there! We got to listen to the audiotour, which was great! [aside: I just looked it up and the narrator on the tour is a FICTIONAL person. We thought he was real – I feel deceived!]

East River

The East River


The Financial District


The GE Building in front of Central Park


Trump Towers vs. The Chrysler Building

West Side

The Upper West side


This is the spire from where we were – did you know that this part was built to dock Zepplins? What is wrong with these crazy people? Who would EVER go up there?

And, as always, the shot of Brad & Kim:


Awwww … aren’t we cute?

For dinner Wednesday night, we were going to order pizza, but through a series of bad things, Brad and Dave ended up having to go pick it up and we ended up eating at like 11:00 pm. Talk about hungry!


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2 responses to “New York! Day Five …

  1. Wow, that must have been a sobering visit to Ground Zero.

    Cute picture. 🙂

  2. Kim

    Crystal, it was truly sobering – an incredible experience! Although, regarding Freedom Tower – I, personally, would NEVER work there … I mean really. Could you build a bigger target?? And like Lindsey (or Dave … I’m not sure who) said: Nothing screams ‘freedom’ like 30 stories of reinforced concrete bunker!

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