New York! Days One & Two …

First off, let me say that I have had an awful time getting my pics all ready to go. Flickr apparently only lets you have 200 pics able to display, so by the time I had uploaded two days worth of pics, I was over that. So I had to go through the ones I’d already uploaded, delete lots of them and then go through the remaining pics one by one to find the best ones to display in Flickr. All that to say, click here to see my photo set of our NYC trip! Also, my photo editing program decided to disappear, so I had to figure out how to use a different one to size all my pics to a good size for the blog. BUT, we’re good to go now. Warning – this is a pretty graphic intensive post, so you might want to give it time to load … on second thought, maybe it’d be better to do a few posts with fewer pics apiece?

Day One: Saturday

Brad and I arrived at around 7:30 am on Saturday morning after a loooong bus ride (note to all: bus station in Buffalo? Nasty.). Dave (my brother-in-law) picked us up and brought us to his place, and all of us (Dave & Lindsey, Brad & I) left shortly for a CRAZY BUSY DAY!!


  • Visited Grand Central Station
  • Went to the Rockefeller Centre

Rockefeller Centre

  • Got pushed *off* the Rockefeller Centre


  • Went to the Apple Store, AND
  • Ate at a fantastic restaurant on a rooftop … they made a FABULOUS(ly strong) mango margarita

I’m sure I missed some things, but I know you’ll forgive me =) Brad and I then crashed HARD since at that point it felt like we had been up for about a hundred and eleventy-hours straight. It was a great first day in NYC, though!

Day Two – Sunday

Sunday, we went here with Dave & Lindsey:

Coney Island

We rode a ferris wheel:

Wonder Wheel


Rode the oldest roller coaster in New York State (I think Dave needed chiropractic treatments afterward!! – it was one of the most fantastic roller coasters I’ve ever been on [for $6 it better have been!]):


And did you know that NYC has a beach? This, oddly enough, was surprising to me …


When we left Coney Island we wandered around the East West Side to eat Ethiopian cuisine at Meskerem:

Mmmm …

If you’ve never eaten Ethiopian food – DO IT!!! It was fantastic and super fun to share a meal with each other and eat with your hands … I swear I’m going to learn how to cook this stuff! Maybe I’ll even learn to pronounce it, too!

After our great dinner, we went over to Times Square – it was about 11:00 pm but we could see like it was daytime. Here’s the money shot:

Times Square

What a crazy place! After living sans television and therefore mostly sans advertisements (for those of you US folk, ‘sans’ is French for without), it was an interesting experience to be in the heart of advertisement central! It was actually quite overwhelming!


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