New York! Days Eight and Nine …

Alright. Stick it out with me, people! Just two more days! We were supposed to come home on Saturday, but we were having such a good time, we stayed an extra day! We made sure that Dave and Lindsey didn’t mind and urged them not to change their plans on account of us!!

Day Eight: Saturday

Brad and I headed out to Times Square alone on Saturday morning. Brad had wanted to go back to the crazy big Virgin records store, and I had wanted to do a bit of shopping. We spent too much time and not enough money downtown, and then headed up to Central Park to play some cards with Dave and Lindsey.


Brad and I decided that since we hadn’t dressed up, we would get gussied up and go out for a nice dinner with just the two of us. So I put on a dress, did my hair, slapped on some lip gloss and we went out to the West Village to eat at Snack Taverna – a fantastic little greek restaurant with INCREDIBLE food! Best. Greek salad. Ever! I just realized I don’t even have a picture of us looking all nice. Sigh. Oh well! We got home and packed for leaving the following morning. Our bus was to leave at 7:30, so we planned to be at the station for 6:45.

Day Eight: Sunday

Can I tell you now that our trip home was a disaster? When we arrived at the station at 6:45, the line was huge. 7:30 came and went – no bus left. The next one was scheduled to leave at 8:30. 8:30 came and went – no bus. 9:00 came and they loaded as many people as they could onto two busses and sent us on our way. I wish I could have gotten a shot of NYC from New Jersey as we were leaving – it looks soooo big and beautiful!

This was taken somewhere in New Jersey … we think. We drove through what I’m pretty sure was the foothills of the Appalachians.


We arrived in Buffalo at 4:00. Altogether an easy first part of our journey. After a long time and no one telling us ANYTHING, we got it out of the Greyhoud staff that no one from NYC had radioed in to tell Buffalo that two busses were being sent at 9:00 instead of one at 7:30 and one at 8:30 … so they had only one driver. We were told to wait on the bus and that someone would be in shortly to drive us the 20 mins across the border. 20 minutes. They told us we weren’t ‘scheduled’ to leave until 6:10 and that we were early. Even so, we didn’t leave until 7:00. Just late enough to miss our connection in Niagara Falls (I love you, Canada!). Our options from there were to wait 2.5 hours for the next bus into Hamilton, buy another ticket to Toronto and then take the GO back to Hamilton, or share a cab with another family who was trying to get to Hamilton. After hmming and hawing, we opted for door #3 and sat in a very comfy taxi that brought us to the pizza place near our house so we could get food. At 10:00 pm after not having eaten really anything all day.

A disastrous ending to a fabulous trip! We had such a great time – thanks Dave and Lindsey for letting us crash at your place and showing us a good time in the Big Apple! Thanks also to Crystle for feeding the cats, and to Melanie for saving the cats from the pest control people!  We keep joking with people that now we need a vacation from our vacation – we had so much fun, but it was *not* relaxing! Heehee. Maybe we’ll go somewhere for our anniversary …

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