New York! Days Six & Seven

So. Could I possibly be any lazier?! I’ve been staring at the many resized pictures on my desktop and dealing with my computer chugging away through the bog-downiness of having too many things on the desktop, but just haven’t had the “oomphf” (as Brad would say) to blog. I’ve been reading blogs and knitting. But not writing them. So today, I’m going to finish off the New York! series. Again, if you want to see more of our NYC pics, just click on the Flickr badge to the right and click on the “New York 2007” photo series!

Day Six: Thursday

Dave took Thursday off to hang out with Brad and I. Earlier in the week, we’d decided to do the Metropolitan Museum of Art, located on the east side of Central Park.

The Met

They had a big armour and weapons exhibit, which was pretty cool!Knights

They also had an exhibit of instruments, which was amazing.


Just look at that beautiful piano!! I want to sit down and play it!


I’m not entirely sure what species is supposed to be able to play this guitar … 

And we also saw what we think is an art student making a painted copy of a famous painting. He was sooo good!


After we were done at the museum (a couple hours!) we went and ate at The Shake Shack – which had soooo good hamburgers and, Brad tells me, great shakes!

Shake Shack

Mmmm … Shake Shack.

I am having trouble remembering what happened next … I believe we just walked around SoHo until Lindsey got off work and then we walked some more and ate at a Mexican Restaurant =) Later that night, however, we went to a Jazz club and did a little bit of this:


Dave and Brad face off.


Lindsey and Kim play some bad Scrabble. See the words? Puke. Ion. We. Rain. Quo. Mint. It’s good we’re going to University!

Then, after a scare with a Scrabble dictionary and a cockroach the size of Nantucket, we found a bar where some alcohol was imbibed which led to this:

Kim and Brad

A very “happy” Brad and Kim.


Dave and Lindsey

A very scary Dave and Lindsey … this pic makes me laugh every time.

and …


Sleeping on the subway

A very passed-out Dave and Lindsey. 

Now. To be fair,  I did leave out the pics where I was playing air guitar, where Dave was looking suave with my cosmo, and where he was talking to the painting of dogs playing cards. They’re all in my Flickr book – go look at them there!

Day Seven: Friday

Dave and Lindsey both took Friday off to hang out =)  So we went out for a much-needed breakfast at Good Enough to Eat (fanstastic!!), and then went to Chinatown!!


Chinatown is crazy, people. Crazy! Women grabbing you and saying, “Handbag? Handbag? Gucci? Prada? Coach? You want a handbag!” and men saying “Rolex? Rolex? Perfume?” as you walk around. So! Entertaining! So! Scary! Wuhoo for cheap Prada! It was freezing on Friday!!! Especially after the 40+ (that’s 100 +) weather for most of the week! We picked up some souvenier-y type of stuff  – if you’re going to NYC and want souveniers, go to Chinatown! Do not buy them in midtown!

We decided on one of Dave’s favourite restaurants for dinner – Dinosaur BBQ. It was sooooo much food, but it was soooo good! Here’s a pic of the drink menu:

Dino BBQ

Brad got the “Tropical Punch” – described as a ‘tropical kick in the head’ and Dave got the “Dinosaur Demise” … although they were all out of mason jars and thus didn’t come in them =(


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