Randomness: Back to School!

With summer nearly over, most of us are getting ready to go back to school. Whether you are getting your kids ready or yourself, it’s always a busy time. So lets have a few back to school questions.
Take your seats please and listen up or you’ll get detention!

1. As a kid, how did you feel about going back to school?

LOVED it! I was always super bored by the end of summer and really looking forward to going back.

If you go now, how do you feel about it?

I’m so sick of school, it’s not even funny! This year makes year number six of my university career! I’m ready to be done, and thus, and ready to be back at it.

2. How do you/did you prepare for going back?

Now I don’t do a whole lot. The only thing would be to buy an agenda I really really like – I’ve gotta love it or I won’t use it!

When I was a kid though, we would do a bunch of back-to-school shopping. We would take a trip to Lime Ridge Mall (about a 45 minute drive from my home town) for all of our new clothes, and then we would go to the local K-Mart for our school supplies. I kid you not, I would spend hours sitting and taking the tags off everything and putting the paper in the binders and filling up my pencil case and sharpening my coloured pencils. I would totally do that now if I got all those things =)

3. Ever had a crush on a classmate or teacher? Who was it?

I won’t bother to regale you with the huuuuuuuge list of boys I had crushes on in elementary and high school. I was completely boy crazy. However, I did have a crush on my grade 9 History teacher, Mr. Drumm. And a teensy crush on my grade 12 English teach, Mr. Malbeouf.

4. What is/was your fav school subject?

Was? English and Biology. Now? What was the question again?

5. What’s the most embarrassing thing that happened to you in school?

Ummm . . . a girl once flipped up my kilt in grade 10. The ensuing holding-up-of-the-girl-by-her-throat-against-the-lockers was not so pretty, and I think the encounter was more embarrassing for her than for me!

6. What did you like better, grade school or high school?

Oooh. Hard one. I think I liked high school better, though.

till next time … randomness … feed your mind and your blog.


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