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Tagged again!

Doing memes is like blogging for dummies. I love it!

This meme is ‘The Moaning Meme’ – I was tagged again by Crystal, apparently because I have some unfulfilled need to be flattered (lol) – thanks for the free pass to rant away! (Edited to add: Sarah at My Peculiar World also tagged me … I feel so special and loved!)
5 people who will be annoyed you tagged them.

  1. Everybody I know who blogs.
  2. I’m not tagging anyone.
  3. (Because I’ve five and insulted that no one has responded to my tags from yesterday.)
  4. So I’m beginning the moaning meme by moaning about that!
  5. So there. (Really though, please do the meme even though I haven’t tagged you. You know you secretly want to!)

4 things that should go into room 101 and be removed from the face of the earth.

  1. Spandex. I don’t care how skinny you are or that you’re a marathon runner and it cuts your time down, it’s ugly and wrong. The only time spandex was okay was the 80s, and seriously people, 80s fashion? Was only barely okay and should never be re-lived!
  2. The AIDS virus (HIV). Need I expand on that? I think not.
  3. Pornography. I think it’s destructive to society (and marriage!) and is disgusting.
  4. Plastic. It’s a horrible polluter – not just the substance itself but the process to make it.

3 things people do that make you want to shake them violently.

  1. Give unsolicited advice about childbearing. I believe that the choice to have children and if/when a couple chooses to have 0, 1, 2, 8, or 24 children is between that couple and God. Regardless of how you feel about their choice, it is none of your business and you should not presume that it is! (This is not directed at anyone in particular … just an observation!)
  2. Ask really stupid questions. I know, I know, “there are no stupid questions.” But there are … oh yes, there are!
  3. Muggings. Really now. You need to resort to pushing some old lady over and stealing her purse? I don’t think so.

2 things you find yourself moaning about.

  1. How much I want to be finished school.
  2. My job. I shouldn’t – really, it’s fantastic – but I do anyways.

1 thing the above answers tell you about yourself.

  1. I complain a lot!


  • Link to the original meme at freelancecynic.com so people know what it’s all about!
  • Be as honest as possible, This is about letting people get to know the real you!
  • Try not to insult anyone – unless they really deserve it or are very, very ugly!
  • Post these rules at the end of every meme!


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